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Verhoeven, Karel

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De Standaard - Belgium | 20/08/2014

Don't force teachers to conceal homosexuality

A teacher in Belgium has refused a job at an elementary school in Brussels because the principal asked him not to disclose his homosexuality. Such requirements only harm the schools' educational mandate, the liberal daily De Standaard criticises: "Schools have to give children the chance to expand their horizons and emancipate themselves through knowledge. They should enable children to express themselves and impart common norms, values and codes of conduct. But that will never happen if teachers are supposed to behave like clerks or tellers. Respect for all sexual orientations is important, even if it can cause problems. Because enforcing silence contradicts everything the schools stand for."

De Standaard - Belgium | 13/08/2014

Belgium's misguided energy policy

After an incident at the Doel nuclear reactor near Antwerp, Belgium, the power plant is expected to be out of operation until mid-September. According to the operators the move comes in response to an oil leak caused last week by an employee who has not yet been identified. For the liberal daily De Standaard this is the result of a misguided energy policy: "Two other reactors remain out of action due to small cracks. Never before have we approached winter without electricity from three reactors. Power shortages are inevitable. … Belgium's energy policy has finally delivered us to the point where we are exposed to the elements. Our only hope is mild sea air. … For years now power supplies have grown less and less reliable because our politicians can't decide on what type of energy we want and at what price. … Squabbling and doubt have transformed Belgium's reactors from a guarantee of security to the greatest source of insecurity."

De Standaard - Belgium | 19/05/2014

European elections: Van Rompuy fuels Euroscepticism

In a televised interview EU Commission President Herman Van Rompuy fuelled doubts that the next President of the European Commission will be chosen by the European Parliament. A dangerous stance, the liberal daily De Standaard warns: "The election of the president is an important subject that gives the European elections at least a little glow. ... For decades people have been grumbling that Europe lacks an elected political face, and that no candidate truly speaks for Europe because each election is a national one. ... The democratic deficit feeds Euroscepticism and the desire for less Europe. It's difficult to imagine that under these circumstances the Council will simply ignore a candidate presented by the Parliament. Van Rompuy would face an impossible mission. And Europe would face an unprecedented political crisis."

De Standaard - Belgium | 27/02/2013

Trust in Belgian judiciary shattered

A Belgian TV documentary has uncovered that a mentally disturbed man was beaten to death in a prison cell in the city of Antwerp in January 2010. The judiciary had hushed up the case, which has severely shaken people's trust in the rule of law, the left-liberal daily De Standaard writes: "A prosecutor is a powerful person in a democracy. He may order the use of force, have people locked up and launch investigations into suspects' lives and conduct. The public should be able to expect such people to be honest and behave with integrity. In this case public prosecutor Herman Dams was neither courageous nor honest. ... This is causing considerable unease, and has done much to destroy people's trust in the judiciary. ... And it is a cynical fact indeed that everyone who was caught up in this affair has now fallen from grace. The psychiatrists, the doctors, the police, the judiciary. For three years they all failed to examine what they did wrong on January 6, 2010, in order to act more appropriately the next time around."

De Standaard - Belgium | 14/12/2011

Take Belgian killing spree causes seriously

A gunman armed with an assault rifle, a revolver and several hand grenades killed at least four people and wounded more than 120 in an attack in Liege on Tuesday. After that the ex-convict Nordine Amrani turned his weapons on himself. The sense of helplessness is appalling, writes the liberal daily De Standaard: "Because it's almost impossible to live with the idea that you could have hand grenades hurled at you on a city square we have no choice but to ban this thought from our minds. ... There's no option but to suppress it because the monster is in our midst. There is probably no real way of sufficiently protecting ourselves from such acts. Perhaps the gun laws can be tightened. The murderer could have been imprisoned for longer. ... But there's one thing we simply can't ignore: this mad man on a shooting spree was angry at the entire world, as his lawyer says. Such devilish feelings of revenge will have to be taken seriously."

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