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Chaglar, Alkan

Alkan Chaglar is English section Editor for London's Toplum Postasi (Community Post), a newspaper for the Turkish Cypriot community

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Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 22/07/2007

Alkan Chaglar on why Turkish Cypriots should not celebrate 1974

Alkan Chaglar is Editor for London's Toplum Postasi a newspaper for the Turkish Cypriot community. He reflects on the 33rd anniversary this month of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus that partitioned the island along ethnic lines. "The anniversary of the July 15-20 period is a time … of celebration for some Turkish Cypriots and an opportunity to incite xenophobia by some Greek Cypriots. ... for many people in my community, it is justifiable to punish those who personally had no part to play in the civil unrest of 1964-1974. Based on sheer generalisations and stereotypes of what the 'other' side must be like and what they think of us, many of us must develop from such paranoia, contempt ... Learning no lessons from our own suffering and crimes committed against us, many Turkish Cypriots, including our own self-styled human rights activists, demonstrate no feeling or understanding when others are in the same position of suffering that they were previously in."

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