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Dunin, Kinga

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 31/01/2008

Kinga Dunin questions Poland's tolerance

Polish cultural sociologist Kinga Dunin complains that Polish politicians of all stripes have done too little to build tolerance regarding minorities like Jews or homosexuals. "No one wants to take on the Church. For the right wing, the reasons are current: they are fighting to keep their electorate. The leftists are held back by the historical guilt feeling that they have dragged around since communist times. ... That is why we don't talk about anti-Semitism, sexism or homophobia as negative issues that have to be done away with. Rather, we'll be arguing whether some minority was insulted or not, whether a reference to anti-Semitism in Poland is a sign of anti-Polish sentiment, and so on. We really should have gotten beyond this already."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 19/12/2005

Gay-Lesbian Literature

In the paper's weekend supplement, Kinga Dunin, a literary critic and Poland's leading feminist, describes how the situation of homosexuals had changed in Poland. She touts the recent emergence of gay-lesbian literature like Michal WItkowski's novel "Lubiewo" as a step forward. "In a way, 'coming out' hasn't happened yet here, and gays and lesbians are still hidden in the closets, but now those closets are bigger, better-equipped and more liberal. You can meet people with diverse preferences there and have a good time together. Passers-by look through the window and are still a little perturbed, but at least nowadays they hardly ever throw stones at you."

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