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With 1.56 million listeners a day, Deutschlandfunk is Germany's most popular radio station. It is one of three stations under the umbrella of the public broadcaster, advertising-free Deutschlandradio and has a focus on news and background stories as well as cultural programmes (radio plays, readings). The website offers a broad range of auxiliary information as well as audio files related to the programmes aired.

Circulation: 1,560,000 Listeners daily (6/2014)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 30.000.000 - 40.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Cologne, Germany
Publisher: Deutschlandradio
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1960

Raderberggürtel 40, 50968 Köln
Phone: 0049 221 34 51 83 1
Twitter: @dlf

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1.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 22/11/2015

Blackout in Crimea highlights instability

Much of Crimea was left without electricity on Sunday when several transmission towers were blown up. According to russian news reports, Ukrainian nationalists and Crimean ... » more

2.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 20/11/2015

Paris sacrifices freedom for security

In a state of shock France is putting security above freedom, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk observes, pointing out that the presumed ringleader of the attacks ... » more

3.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 20/10/2015

Germany must integrate its countrymen

Germany must integrate not just refugees but also the xenophobic, violent-minded Pegida demonstrators, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk argues: "With its far-right folklore, Pegida is hampering ... » more

4.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 05/10/2015

End military logic in Afghanistan

After the US airstrikes on a clinic in Kunduz that claimed 22 lives on Saturday, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk calls for a master plan for ... » more

5.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 16/09/2015

Malmström's TTIP courts would be progress

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström wants a court system rather than private arbitration tribunals for resolving investment protection disputes in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment ... » more

6.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 02/09/2015

Berlin showing solidarity out of self-interest

German politicians are only being cynical when they ask their EU partners to display a sense of solidarity on refugee policy, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk ... » more

7.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 27/08/2015

Germany needs workers from the Balkans

At the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna on Thursday the EU decided to spend 600 million euros on cross-border infrastructure projects. This sum is nowhere ... » more

8.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 26/08/2015

Hour of glory for refugee helpers

Following Merkel's visit to a refugee shelter in Heidenau, those who are helping the refugees should now receive the attention they deserve, writes the public ... » more

9.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 17/08/2015

Balkan refugees must be able to immigrate legally

In view of the high numbers of refugees from the western Balkan states German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Sunday for states to be classified ... » more

10.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 25/07/2015

Nato needs clear Turkey strategy

In the fight against the IS Nato must establish a clear stance towards its member Turkey, demands the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in the run-up to ... » more


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