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1.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 09/04/2014

European quotas for refugees needed

Around 4,000 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean have been picked up by the Italian navy and trading vessels between Monday and Wednesday of this ... » more

2.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 31/03/2014

Lufthansa pilots don't see how bad things are

Following the announcement of another pilots' strike Lufthansa has cancelled most of its flights - 3,800 in total - scheduled from Wednesday to Friday. The ... » more

3.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 27/03/2014

EU should not overregulate organic farming

The EU Commission is planning to introduce stricter regulations for the organic farming sector, including limiting the use of conventional feed and lowering values for ... » more

4.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 13/03/2014

Poland must stay calm

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed during her visit to Warsaw on Wednesday that Germany guarantees Poland's security under the Nato pact. Jaroslaw Kaczynski's talk of ... » more

5.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 05/03/2014

No need to discuss boycotting Paralympics

The Ukrainian team wants to stay away from the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, which kick off on Friday. But people are wrong to urge ... » more

6.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 26/02/2014

Klitschko will have to fight

His presidential candidacy could prove to be the hardest fight for Vitali Klitschko, the public radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk comments, and questions the ex-boxer's political talent: ... » more

7.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 28/01/2014

A good time for a peaceful solution

Following repeated appeals from opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, among others, radical protesters ended their occupation of the Justice Ministry in Kiev on Monday. This raises ... » more

8.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 10/01/2014

Destroying chemical weapons is a great job

Part of the waste material left over from the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal will be disposed of in Germany, the German government announced ... » more

9.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 07/01/2014

Data retention not yet a done deal

Heiko Maas, Germany's new Justice Minister from the SPD, wants to wait before implementing the controversial EU Data Retention Directive, in case the European Court ... » more

10.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 14/11/2013

Explaining EU helps fight pied pipers

The new right-wing alliance is nothing to panic about, but to reduce the risk it poses EU advocates must bring Europe closer to its citizens, ... » more


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