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1.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 25/07/2015

Nato needs clear Turkey strategy

In the fight against the IS Nato must establish a clear stance towards its member Turkey, demands the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk in the run-up to ... » more

2.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 20/07/2015

EU not a community with shared values

At their meeting in Brussels on Monday the EU interior ministers were once again unable to agree on how to distribute among the individual EU ... » more

3.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 28/06/2015

ECB losing all credibility

By extending the emergency loans for Greece even though the Eurogroup's bailout programme expires on Tuesday, the ECB has said goodbye to its role as ... » more

4.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 26/06/2015

Interest in Donbass War flagging

In a telephone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, US President Barack Obama reminded him of Russia's obligation set out in the Minsk ... » more

5.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 16/06/2015

ECJ also doesn't stop Draghi's bazooka

The European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday that the purchase of government bonds by the ECB is legal, at the same time passing judgement ... » more

6.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 06/05/2015

Gauck's tribute to Soviet soldiers a key gesture

In his speech marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War on Wednesday, German President Joachim Gauck cited the suffering of ... » more

7.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 04/05/2015

German train drivers are stubborn egoists

The German Train Drivers' Union (GDL) began a seven-day strike on Monday. It aims to represent all railway personnel. With this latest strike the GDL ... » more

8.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 29/04/2015

Juncker shows the will to reform

In his capacity as chief of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is finally standing up to national leaders with his initiative, the public service broadcaster ... » more

9.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 13/04/2015

The voice of a bad conscience

Even with his admission that he was once a member of the Waffen-SS Günter Grass never lost his status as a moral authority, the public ... » more

10.  Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 12/02/2015

Athens must show willingness for compromise

An agreement in the debt conflict is still possible if Athens can agree to make overtures to the monetary union, the German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk ... » more


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