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2 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

1.  The European - Germany | Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Berlusconi is Italy's revenge on Germany

Berlusconi's success in the parliamentary elections can be traced back to Germany's policies and its austerity dictates for Europe, journalist Stefano Casertano writes in the German version of the online magazine The European: "The principle is simple: what do Italians hate? Austerity. What did Berlusconi promise? The end of austerity. ... A vote for Berlusconi was a vote against Germany. ... His laconic magic is the product of German foreign policy. Many Italians, at least those who voted for him, believe that now the big 'euro fraud' will come to light. Germany is a fantastic country with remarkable economic power, but the advantages that it reaps from the euro are disproportionate to what it puts into it. ... The idea is simple: 'You gave us austerity, we give you Berlusconi.' ... Don't ask why the Italians should vote against Berlusconi, but why they vote for him. ... And also how a big country like Germany should use its leadership role in Europe."

2.  The European - Germany | Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resistance to hate preachers grows

The controversial Mohammed video has sparked a wave of violence across the world, with radical Islamists now calling for its makers and others to be killed. But civil resistance against the hate preachers is growing, writes Middle East correspondent Jörg Armbruster in the opinion magazine The European: "Anyone who insults the Prophet insults all Muslims. So Muslims have taken to the streets, for the most part peacefully. From time to time, however, they have also vented their anger at the insults with shows of hatred directed at the West in general and at the US and Israel in particular. ... Hatred of America is one of the most important political constants in this religion, which politicians and preachers deliberately use to pour fuel on the fire. Hardly a demonstration goes by without US or Israeli flags being burned. 'No, that's not true!' the young Egyptians who occupied Tahrir Square for eleven days last year call out indignantly. No US flags were burned there, and Israel played no role whatsoever. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated on Tahrir Square at the height of last year's protests, while these days two thousand at most gather in front of the US embassy in Cairo. The young Egyptians no longer run after every pied piper that says he wants to defend Islam."

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