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Prospect Magazine

The monthly magazine was founded in 1995 by David Goodhart, former Germany correspondent for the Financial Times. It addresses domestic, foreign affairs, European and social issues in formats that range from analytical essays to reportage, columns and short stories. It also stages provocative roundtable debates between pairs of writers.

Medium: monthly
Political orientation: Centre-left
Circulation: 31,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monthly
Visits per month: < 500.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: London, United Kingdom
Publisher: Prospect Publishing (David Hanger)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1995

25 Sackville Street, London, W1S 3HQ
Phone: 0044 20 7255 1281
Twitter: @prospect_uk

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1.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 21/03/2013

Joseph Muscat reminiscent of Tony Blair

The social democrat Joseph Muscat was elected as the new prime minister of Malta on March 11. The left-liberal magazine Prospect draws parallels between Muscat ... » more

2.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 26/02/2013

Budget cuts would harm US economy

If the Democrats and Republicans fails to agree on a joint plan by Thursday, the US will automatically be subject to 85 billion dollars in ... » more

3.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 12/02/2013

China will stand by North Korea

After North Korea carried out its third nuclear bomb test on Tuesday China has called on Kim Jong Un's regime to fulfil its denuclearisation obligations. ... » more

4.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 31/07/2008

A question of character

In an essay for the monthly magazine Prospect, Richard Reeves, director of the think tank Demos, reflects on "good character", a topic that is gaining ... » more

5.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 02/05/2008

A lesson from Northern Ireland

The peace process in Northern Ireland can be a model for solving conflicts in other parts of the world, writes Jonathan Powell, long-standing chief of ... » more

6.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 25/07/2007

Roger Scruton on how spiritual beliefs can both cause and resolve violence

Writer and philiosopher Roger Scruton considers that "Religion is not primarily about God, but about the human need for the sacred. ... It is not ... » more

7.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 31/05/2007

The power of essay-writing novelists

The historian and philosopher Jonathan Rée investigates the literary force of essay-writing novelists. "Essays tend to be classier, more learned and more demanding - there ... » more

8.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 01/05/2007

Julian Gough on "the serious business of making us laugh"

"The Greeks understood that comedy (the gods' view of life) is superior to tragedy (the merely human)", notes the British novelist Julian Gough. "Many of the ... » more

9.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 01/03/2007

Bias in biography

In the British monthly, literary critic Terry Eagleton and professor of cultural theory at the University of Manchester, reviews a biography of the poet T.S ... » more

10.  Prospect Magazine - United Kingdom | 31/01/2007

Francis Fukuyama on the absence of collective identity in modern liberal democracies

Francis Fukuyama, professor of politics and economics, ponders the "weak collective identites" of modern liberal societies facing "people who are more sure of who they ... » more


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