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Die Weltwoche

Weltwoche was founded in 1933 and modelled on the French weekly publications. It opposed communism and National Socialism. Until 2001 its political orientation was centre-left but this changed when the right-wing conservative financier Tito Tettamanti acquired the majority stake and appointed Roger Köppel as chief editor. The new conservative style boosted circulation for a while. However when the Weltwoche began backing Christoph Blocher of the right-wing conservative Swiss People's Party for the National Council (the lower chamber of the Swiss parliament) many readers turned their back on the paper. Köppel became owner of the paper in 2006. Its circulation has gone down slightly in the past few years from 86,000 in 2007 to 82,000 more recently.

Medium: magazine
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 82,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Thursdays

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Publisher: Die Weltwoche AG (Roger Köppel)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1933

Förrlibuckstrasse 70
CH-8021 Zurich
Phone: 0041-43 444 57 00

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1.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 08/05/2014

European elections: Major Parties hoodwinking citizens

Ahead of the European elections the parties claim the right to have their respective leading candidate appointed as European Commission President in the event that ... » more

2.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 21/03/2012

Swiss politician persecuted on political grounds

Criminal proceedings were initiated last week against the right-wing populist National Council and billionaire Christoph Blocher for alleged violations of banking secrecy. But it all ... » more

3.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 02/02/2012

Weak Switzerland bows to US in tax dispute

Since the tax dispute with the US over US tax evaders began, Swiss banks have handed over thousands of documents to the US authorities. Switzerland ... » more

4.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 31/10/2011

Centre politics not good for Swiss

Many commentators in Switzerland have welcomed the fact that the conservative centre parties gained ground against the right-wing conservative Swiss People's Party (SVP) in the ... » more

5.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 31/08/2011

Protect Swiss banks from the US

The Swiss government is being too indulgent in the dispute over the disclosure of information on US citizens with money in Swiss accounts, writes the ... » more

6.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 11/08/2011

Urs Paul Engeler on the failure of Keynesianism

The current economic crisis shows that the state has failed to manage the economy and that politicians have too often adopted the Keynesian approach, writes ... » more

7.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 06/07/2011

Women should pay for abortions themselves

Public health funds should no longer foot the bill for abortions, the launchers of a Swiss initiative backed by conservative and right-wing parties believe. This is ... » more

8.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 16/06/2011

Badly paid women have themselves to blame

The demand for equal pay voiced by women on Equal Pay Day in Switzerland last Tuesday is unfounded, writes the conservative weekly Die Weltwoche, saying ... » more

9.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 19/05/2011

Ban on High German promotes integration

The inhabitants of Zurich and Basel on Sunday approved a popular initiative to ban High German in daycares and kindergartens, allowing only Swiss German in ... » more

10.  Die Weltwoche - Switzerland | 04/02/2011

Rating agencies control euro crisis

The crisis of the financial markets has shown that rating agencies do not deserve the huge respect they used to enjoy, writes Swiss economist Bernd ... » more


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