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The daily Duma is the successor to the former communist propaganda paper Rabotnichesko delo, which was closed down in 1990. Duma then became the press organ of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), which had formerly been the communist party. As such the paper played an important role in Bulgaria in the first years after the collapse of communism, but with the rise of the independent press it quickly lost its influence. Duma has been closed down twice since 1998 and gone through several changes of ownership. Although it sees itself as an independent left-leaning daily its closeness to the Socialist Party is obvious.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Socialist, pro-Russian
Circulation: 9,000 (estimate for 2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Publisher: Nikolay Malinov
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1990

Blvd. Tsarigradsko Chaussee 113 A
BG-1784 Sofia
Phone: 00359-2-975-20-00

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1.  Duma - Bulgaria | 16/06/2014

Bad driver Borisov wants to take the reins again

The parliamentary parties in Bulgaria plan to meet on Tuesday to discuss a date for early parliamentary elections. Ex-prime minister and opposition leader Boyko Borisov ... » more

2.  Duma - Bulgaria | 23/04/2014

Same rights and obligations also for Roma

Illegal buildings in Bulgaria's biggest Roma neighbourhood Stolipinovo are to be torn down on Friday and the inhabitants resettled in other areas, the city of ... » more

3.  Duma - Bulgaria | 03/04/2014

Manuel Valls not a true Socialist

The appointment of Manuel Valls as France's new prime minister is additional proof of the moral decline of the French left, the socialist daily Duma ... » more

4.  Duma - Bulgaria | 23/01/2014

Brussels shouldn't only be strict with Bulgaria

The European Commission presented its progress reports on justice and internal security in Bulgaria and Romania on Wednesday. For the seventh year in a row, ... » more

5.  Duma - Bulgaria | 15/01/2014

Russians must live with Eurovision's provocation

The nomination of the Austrian transvestite Tom Neuwirth, alias Conchita Wurst, for the Eurovison Song Contest in Copenhagen has provoked an outcry in Russia and ... » more

6.  Duma - Bulgaria | 07/01/2014

Bulgaria lets its agriculture go to the dogs

Bulgaria became the third-largest importer of Turkish fruits and vegetables last year, second only to Russia and Germany, a report put out on Sunday by ... » more

7.  Duma - Bulgaria | 19/12/2013

Stop Bulgaria's telephone swindlers

Telephone fraudsters are cheating thousands of people out of their savings in Bulgaria. Their victims are mostly the elderly, who easily fall prey to clever ... » more

8.  Duma - Bulgaria | 12/12/2013

Erdoğan provokes Balkan states

In a speech he made on the weekend in the city of Keşan in Eastern Thrace, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid cultural claims ... » more

9.  Duma - Bulgaria | 29/11/2013

Bulgaria disappointed and betrayed by the West

British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to limit the free movement of workers for Bulgarians and Romanians even after January 2014, and has now gained ... » more

10.  Duma - Bulgaria | 26/11/2013

Bulgaria right to snub Eurovision

After Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus and Slovakia, Bulgaria has also announced that it will not take part in the 2014 European Song Contest, ... » more


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