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Profil is positioned as Austria's most important news magazine. Background stories on domestic politics and investigative pieces have been the magazine's main focus since it was first published by Oscar Bronner, who later became the publisher of the daily newspaper Der Standard. As a result of a highly controversial merger in 2001 the magazine passed into the hands of its rival publication's publisher, News publishing group.

Medium: magazine
Political orientation: Centre-left
Circulation: 90,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Sundays
Visits per month: 500.000 - 1.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Vienna, Austria
Publisher: Verlagsgruppe News Gesellschaft m.b.H / Herausgeber: Christian Rainer
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1970

Taborstraße 1-3, 1020 Wien
Phone: 0043 1 53470 0
Twitter: @profilonline

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1.  Profil - Austria | 08/07/2015

Greek crisis: Stephan Schulmeister on the euro as a faulty neoliberal construction

Because of the neoliberal rules of the game Greece never stood a chance in the Eurozone, Viennese economics researcher Stephan Schulmeister writes in the centre-left ... » more

2.  Profil - Austria | 13/01/2014

Germans still sexually inhibited

The coming out of the former member of the German national football team Thomas Hitzlsperger caused a big stir in Germany last week. These reactions ... » more

3.  Profil - Austria | 09/12/2013

Austria's Team Stronach dismantles itself

Roughly a year after it was established, the populist Austrian party Team Stronach is deep in crisis. Since the September elections the party has been represented ... » more

4.  Profil - Austria | 30/11/2013

Germany shifts a little to the left

Featuring a women's quota, dual citizenship and a minimum wage, the German coalition agreement highlights a shift in German politics, the left-liberal weekly Profil points ... » more

5.  Profil - Austria | 16/09/2013

Grand coalition would be good for Europe

Angela Merkel may keep repeating that we need "more Europe" but basically her policies are oriented to the nation-state, the left-liberal weekly Profil comments and ... » more

6.  Profil - Austria | 15/06/2013

Online US is still a superpower

The US National Security Agency has prevented more than 50 terrorist attacks with the controversial Internet surveillance programme Prism, NSA head Keith Alexander announced on ... » more

7.  Profil - Austria | 11/03/2013

Carinthia remains right-wing despite madness

The right-wing populist Freedom Party of Carinthia (FPK) and the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) suffered dramatic losses of almost 30 percent in ... » more

8.  Profil - Austria | 09/07/2012

Treat all big banks the same

The rescue programme of up to 100 billion euros for Spain's banks agreed by the finance ministers of the Eurozone on Monday is a sensible ... » more

9.  Profil - Austria | 19/03/2012

Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhof sees no shift to the right in Europe

The right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been in power in Hungary since 2010, and in France the far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen ... » more

10.  Profil - Austria | 31/12/2011

Georg Hoffmann-Ostenhoff on Lenin's current relevance

In 2011 not only in the Arab world but also many people in Russia, China and the West rose up against the powers that be. ... » more


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