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El País

The first edition of this newspaper was published a few months after the death of the military dictator Francisco Franco. It is seen as the first paper to show commitment to a democratic society, while the other papers first had to try and come to terms with their past under the dictatorship. In the times of insecurity during the military putsch of 23 February 1981 El País ran a special edition in which it clearly declared its support for democracy.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left liberal
Circulation: 392,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Madrid, Spain
Publisher: Prisa
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1976

Calle de Miguel Yuste, 40
28037 Madrid
Phone: 0034-913 276 374‎

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1.  El País - Spain | 18/07/2014

Thomas Cooley and Ramon Marimon warn of a lost generation

The crisis in Europe is like those Japan experienced at the start of the 1990s, Thomas Cooley and Ramon Marimon contend in the left-liberal daily ... » more

2.  El País - Spain | 17/07/2014

Brics states right establish their own bank

At their summit meeting in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza the Brics states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa agreed to create their own ... » more

3.  El País - Spain | 15/07/2014

Seek agreement, not peace

If a solution is to be found to the Middle East conflict the term "peace" should be replaced with the more realistic term "agreement", Israeli ... » more

4.  El País - Spain | 10/07/2014

Prevent invasion at all costs

The violence between Israelis and Palestinians is taking on its own dynamic and becoming uncontrollable, the left-liberal daily El País fears: "As if on a ... » more

5.  El País - Spain | 09/07/2014

Spain's judges allow democratic excesses

Spanish judges acquitted a group of demonstrators who surrounded the Catalan parliament during protests in June 2011 and prevented members of the parliament from entering. ... » more

6.  El País - Spain | 04/07/2014

Investigate torture by Spanish army in Iraq

A Spanish military court on Thursday ordered that an elite soldier accused of torturing a prisoner of war during his 2004 deployment in Iraq be ... » more

7.  El País - Spain | 03/07/2014

Anger can destroy all progress to date

The enormous rage felt by the people on both sides gives the Middle East conflict a dangerous twist, the left-liberal daily El País fears: "And ... » more

8.  El País - Spain | 27/06/2014

Suárez must go on bite detox

Uruguay's national player Luis Suárez was suspended for nine matches and banned for four months from any football activity for his biting attack against the ... » more

9.  El País - Spain | 13/06/2014

Drugs and prostitution embellish Spain's GDP

Starting in September all EU states will be obliged to include illegal trading like drug trafficking, prostitution and smuggling in their GDPs. The left-liberal daily ... » more

10.  El País - Spain | 09/06/2014

Stop tolerating British blackmailing

The EU shouldn't allow itself to be blackmailed by Cameron any more, political analyst Ignacio Torreblanca warns in his blog with the left-liberal daily El ... » more


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