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El País

The first edition of this newspaper was published a few months after the death of the military dictator Francisco Franco. It is seen as the first paper to show commitment to a democratic society, while the other papers first had to try and come to terms with their past under the dictatorship. In the times of insecurity during the military putsch of 23 February 1981 El País ran a special edition in which it clearly declared its support for democracy.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left liberal
Circulation: 392,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Madrid, Spain
Publisher: Prisa
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1976

Calle de Miguel Yuste, 40
28037 Madrid
Phone: 0034-913 276 374‎

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1.  El País - Spain | 24/02/2015

The world doesn't care about Venezuelan arrests

The leader of the opposition in Venezuela, Antonio Ledezma, was arrested last Thursday on suspicions of plotting to overthrow Nicolás Maduro's government. Other members of ... » more

2.  El País - Spain | 18/02/2015

Athens must explain the details

The Greek government must present a detailed account of its guarantees and terms for new loans, the left-liberal daily El País demands: "The credibility of ... » more

3.  El País - Spain | 04/02/2015

Timothy Garton Ash on Putin's cunning game

Ukraine needs weapons from the West to defend itself against Russia, historian Timothy Garton Ash argues in the left-liberal daily El País: "Vladimir Putin is ... » more

4.  El País - Spain | 01/02/2015

Indignation becomes politics

Podemos and Syriza are giving the indignant a political voice, philosopher Josep Ramoneda writes in the left-liberal daily El País: "These are not movements that ... » more

5.  El País - Spain | 26/01/2015

Europe's future depends on Ukraine, warn Bernard-Henri Lévy and George Soros

Russia poses a major threat to radical change in Ukraine, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy and US investor George Soros warn in a joint commentary piece in ... » more

6.  El País - Spain | 23/01/2015

For Emilio Lamo de Espinosa regions and the central state are closely linked

Different nations within a single state structure are also inextricably bound up with the central state, sociologist Emilio Lamo de Espinosa points out in the ... » more

7.  El País - Spain | 14/01/2015

Antonio Elorza honours Napolitano as Eurocommunist

With the resignation of the communist Italian president Giorgio Napolitano an era of communist strategy also draws to an end today, Wednesday, in Italy, political ... » more

8.  El País - Spain | 09/01/2015

Reluctance to read is a Spanish disease

According to a recent survey by Spain's national opinion research institute the CIS, 35 percent of Spaniards read "seldom or hardly ever". These figures reflect ... » more

9.  El País - Spain | 07/01/2015

EU must fight xenophobia hand in hand

The Pegida movement in Germany as well as the right-wing movements in France and Greece have the potential to destroy the EU, the left-liberal daily ... » more

10.  El País - Spain | 05/01/2015

Don't leave rescue actions to single states

Europe's refugee policy must not be left to national governments, the left-liberal daily El País demands in view of the refugee drama on the cargo ... » more


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