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De Standaard

Although the daily was founded in 1914, owing to the outbreak of World War I the first edition was published until 1918. For many years it was the organ of the Flemish Catholics and maintained close ties with the Christian Democrats. Only in 1999 did De Standaard officially give up its Catholic ties. After it went bankrupt in 1976 it was taken over by the Corelio publishing group.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Neutral Flemish daily
Circulation: 96.000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: Corelio publishing group
Area of distribution: Flanders
Established: 1914

Gossetlaan 28
B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Phone: Tel.: 0032 (0)2 467 2240

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1.  De Standaard - Belgium | 11/07/2014

German Bundesliga triumphs in Brazil

Germany's premier football league, the Bundesliga, is mainly to thank for the German team's success in the Brazil World Cup, columnist Luc Van Doorslaer writes ... » more

2.  De Standaard - Belgium | 07/07/2014

Belgians, cheer for your neighbours!

Belgium was knocked out of the Fifa World Cup by Argentina on Saturday. Once they've put their sadness behind them the Belgians should start rooting ... » more

3.  De Standaard - Belgium | 19/06/2014

Tips for the monarch

Royals watcher Jo De Poorter offers Spain's new King Felipe a few tips in the liberal daily De Standaard, and hopes the new Belgian monarch ... » more

4.  De Standaard - Belgium | 19/05/2014

European elections: Van Rompuy fuels Euroscepticism

In a televised interview EU Commission President Herman Van Rompuy fuelled doubts that the next President of the European Commission will be chosen by the ... » more

5.  De Standaard - Belgium | 12/05/2014

Europe's visions only hallucinations for Mia Doornaert

The EU is paying for its lack of vision and its often premature actions in the Ukraine crisis, columnist Mia Doornaert writes in the liberal ... » more

6.  De Standaard - Belgium | 17/04/2014

Chaos will continue even after Geneva

Not much can be expected of today's talks on the Ukraine crisis in Geneva, the liberal daily De Standaard suspects: "The Russian proposals for federalisation ... » more

7.  De Standaard - Belgium | 14/02/2014

An astonishingly respectful debate

Belgian society has demonstrated a commendable degree of mutual respect in its discussion of assisted suicide for minors, the liberal daily De Standaard writes: "The ... » more

8.  De Standaard - Belgium | 17/01/2014

An Oscar for Flanders, or for Belgium?

The Belgian film The Broken Circle Breakdown was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film on Thursday, whereupon the Flemish government stressed that it was a ... » more

9.  De Standaard - Belgium | 19/07/2013

Belgian royal family is theatre of the absurd

Prince Philip will succeed his father Albert II as King of Belgium on Sunday. But the role of the monarchy is becoming purely ceremonial, comments ... » more

10.  De Standaard - Belgium | 03/07/2013

Disappointed Islamists represent a danger

The opposition in Egypt must somehow come to terms with President Morsi, the Arabist and author Chams Eddine Zaougui demands in the left-liberal daily De ... » more


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