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De Standaard

Although the daily was founded in 1914, owing to the outbreak of World War I the first edition was published until 1918. For many years it was the organ of the Flemish Catholics and maintained close ties with the Christian Democrats. Only in 1999 did De Standaard officially give up its Catholic ties. After it went bankrupt in 1976 it was taken over by the Corelio publishing group.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Neutral Flemish daily
Circulation: 96.000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: Corelio publishing group
Area of distribution: Flanders
Established: 1914

Gossetlaan 28
B-1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Phone: Tel.: 0032 (0)2 467 2240

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1.  De Standaard - Belgium | 24/08/2015

More Europe the answer to terrorism

In the aftermath of the foiled terror attack, calls for the abolition of the Schengen Agreement have become louder. But that would be the wrong ... » more

2.  De Standaard - Belgium | 29/07/2015

Belgian farmers must produce more cleverly

After the farmer protests in France Belgian farmers are now also complaining about loss of income since the abolition of milk quotas. But new state ... » more

3.  De Standaard - Belgium | 01/07/2015

The Eurozone's incredible mistake

It was an enormous mistake of the Eurozone to manoeuvre Greece into a situation in which it had to default on an IMF payment, the ... » more

4.  De Standaard - Belgium | 09/06/2015

Hope for the climate

The ambitious climate goals set at the G7 summit are at least a start, comments the liberal daily De Standaard approvingly: "The biggest polluters like ... » more

5.  De Standaard - Belgium | 29/05/2015

Row over Belgian separatism hurting exports

Belgium's constitutional court on Thursday rejected a complaint from the region of Flanders and upheld the central government's right to coordinate Belgium's foreign trade. This ... » more

6.  De Standaard - Belgium | 18/05/2015

Wall in Belgium against Roma inhuman

The Belgian border town Moescron wants to erect a wall to prevent Sinti and Roma living in the northern French commune of Wattrelos from crossing ... » more

7.  De Standaard - Belgium | 30/04/2015

Work must continue to be worthwhile

International Workers' Day will be celebrated for the 125th time in Belgium on Friday. The value of work will change in the future, the liberal ... » more

8.  De Standaard - Belgium | 18/03/2015

Dream of Netherlands as major power has ended

The Kingdom of the Netherlands was founded 200 years ago. At the time it also encompassed Belgium but the latter seceded 15 years later. Fortunately ... » more

9.  De Standaard - Belgium | 16/03/2015

Belgians railway workers hurting the unions

The Belgian railway union ASTB has announced another strike for April. But the action will only harm the interests of other workers, columnist Dimitri Verbelen ... » more

10.  De Standaard - Belgium | 08/01/2015

Jokes must not be silenced by the attack

Europe must address the causes for the radicalisation of Muslims but it must not abandon satire in the process, the liberal daily De Standaard writes ... » more


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