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De Standaard

De Standaard first went into publication in 1918 as the successor to the Catholic weekly Ons Volk ontwaakt (Our People Awakes). Under chief editor Peter Vandermeersch (now with NRC Handelsblad) this quality paper abandoned its clerical stance and adopted a liberal outlook and modern layout. A digital evening edition for PCs, tablets and smartphones has also been available since 2012.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal-conservative
Circulation: 98,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Publisher: Mediahuis
Area of distribution: Regional
Established: 1914

Gossetlaan 30, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
Phone: 0032 2 467 22 11
Twitter: @destandaard

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255 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  De Standaard - Belgium | 23/11/2015

When in doubt security must prevail

The Belgian government has done the right thing in declaring the highest terror alert in Brussels, the liberal daily De Standaard comments, nonetheless hoping that ... » more

2.  De Standaard - Belgium | 18/11/2015

Belgians must play football and party again

Football matches between Germany and the Netherlands as well as between Belgium and Spain were cancelled on Tuesday night after terror warnings. The liberal daily ... » more

3.  De Standaard - Belgium | 17/11/2015

Mutual recriminations in Belgium are pointless

The trail left by those who carried out the attacks in Paris has led to the Brussels district of Molenbeek. A dispute has now broken ... » more

4.  De Standaard - Belgium | 24/09/2015

Companies unscrupulous in battle for customers

Consumers should ask themselves what role they play in scandals like the one at VW, writes the liberal daily De Standaard: "Scandals over tax fraud, ... » more

5.  De Standaard - Belgium | 14/09/2015

Germany forced to throw in the towel

Germany was forced to introduce border controls by Europe's failure to act, the liberal daily De Standaard believes: "Germany still wants to be a vanguard, ... » more

6.  De Standaard - Belgium | 09/09/2015

Does Europe want Merkel or Orbán?

The debate about the refugee crisis can be narrowed down to two positions, the liberal daily De Standaard writes, and calls on Europe to take ... » more

7.  De Standaard - Belgium | 24/08/2015

More Europe the answer to terrorism

In the aftermath of the foiled terror attack, calls for the abolition of the Schengen Agreement have become louder. But that would be the wrong ... » more

8.  De Standaard - Belgium | 29/07/2015

Belgian farmers must produce more cleverly

After the farmer protests in France Belgian farmers are now also complaining about loss of income since the abolition of milk quotas. But new state ... » more

9.  De Standaard - Belgium | 01/07/2015

The Eurozone's incredible mistake

It was an enormous mistake of the Eurozone to manoeuvre Greece into a situation in which it had to default on an IMF payment, the ... » more

10.  De Standaard - Belgium | 09/06/2015

Hope for the climate

The ambitious climate goals set at the G7 summit are at least a start, comments the liberal daily De Standaard approvingly: "The biggest polluters like ... » more


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