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Diário Económico

This business paper was launched as a counterbalance and supplement to the other daily newspapers. Today it is one of the country's most important business papers. Once a month the editing staff publishes the magazine supplement "Fora de Série" (out of series), which deals with diverse economic and social topics - often in the form of focus topics. It also produces special supplements on an irregular basis on subjects such as 'personal financial planning' or "the World Cup in South Africa - background and history". In addition the publishing house publishes books on subjects from the areas of economics and finance.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Economically liberal
Circulation: 15,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Friday

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Publisher: Ongoing Media
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1989

Rua Vieira da Silva, nº45
P-1350-342 Lisbon
Phone: 00351-21 323 67 00

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145 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 30/03/2015

Better rating in election year unrealistic

The US rating agencies Standard & Poor's and Fitch have held out the prospect of upgrading Portugal's credit rating, which is currently still at junk ... » more

2.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 10/03/2015

Billionaire starts financial war in Portugal

With her company Santoro Holding, Isabel dos Santos, a billionaire businesswoman and daughter of Angola's president, last week torpedoed a bid by the Catalan Caixabank ... » more

3.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 04/03/2015

Portugal's cheating PM should go

Portugal's Prime Minister Passos Coelho, who is cracking down hard on tax evasion and abuses of the welfare system, has admitted that he himself omitted ... » more

4.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 23/02/2015

Greece in a worse position than before

Athens is in an worse position after reaching a provisional agreement with the Euro Group than it was before, the liberal daily Diário Económico concludes: ... » more

5.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 11/02/2015

Lisbon miles ahead of Athens

Portugal wants to repay more than half of its 26-billion euro IMF loan before it is due. The government announced on Tuesday that it had ... » more

6.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 12/01/2015

EU budget minister a good idea

The managing director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), Klaus Regling, on Monday proposed the appointment of an EU budget minister with comprehensive powers to ... » more

7.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 07/01/2015

Investigate mismanagement at Portugal Telecom

A raid at Portugal Telecom (PT) ordered by the Public Prosecutors' Office on suspicions of fraud caused the company's share prices to plummet on Wednesday. ... » more

8.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 09/12/2014

Portugal going back to pre-crisis habits

Many statistics indicate that Portugal has finally emerged from its crisis. But the rising consumption could also mean that six months after exiting the bailout ... » more

9.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 26/11/2014

Sócrates' arrest hurts rival parties too

The arrest of former Portuguese prime minister José Sócrates comes at the worst possible moment for his party, Portugal's main opposition Socialists, the liberal business ... » more

10.  Diário Económico - Portugal | 12/11/2014

Juncker has already ruined enough

Juncker's only way out of the tax affair is resignation, the liberal business paper Diário Económico stresses: "Of course it's understandable that businesses looking for ... » more


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