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Der Standard

Der Standard is Austria's most widely read quality newspaper. Founded in 1988 with the aim of becoming a New York Times for Austria, it describes itself as liberal and politically independent, although it is generally considered to be centre-left in orientation. Its popular website featuring blogs, live tickers and socio-political sections deserves special mention.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Centre-left
Circulation: 101,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Visits per month: 20.000.000 - 30.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Vienna, Austria
Publisher: Standard Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H / Herausgeber: Oscar Bronner, Alexandra Föderl-Schmid
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1988

Vordere Zollamtsstraße 13, 1040 Wien
Phone: 0043 1 53 170 0
Twitter: @derStandardat

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766 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  Der Standard - Austria | 24/11/2015

Security policy dividing EU

The question of how much freedom should be sacrificed for the fight against terror poses a threat to EU unity, the centre-left daily Der Standard ... » more

2.  Der Standard - Austria | 18/11/2015

Tsiparas gets second chance for reforms

Now that Greece's international creditors have concluded that Athens has shown sufficient willingness to introduce reforms the first instalment of the bailout agreed in the ... » more

3.  Der Standard - Austria | 12/11/2015

Yazidi need diaspora in Europe to survive

Kurdish units have started retaking the Sinjar District in Iraq, which is controlled by the Islamic State. But that won't help the Yazidi who were ... » more

4.  Der Standard - Austria | 10/11/2015

Hunter Mas may become the quarry

With his parliamentary initiative Catalonian Prime Minister Artur Mas has led his party into a dead-end, the centre-left daily Der Standard comments: "At the end ... » more

5.  Der Standard - Austria | 06/11/2015

VW exposes duplicity of EU climate policy

Volkswagen admitted on Wednesday that it cheated on CO2 emissions levels in cars with petrol engines too. The scandal surrounding the German company is also ... » more

6.  Der Standard - Austria | 04/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: UK to blame for situation in Calais

A court in the city of Lille in northern France has ordered that living conditions at the refugee camp in Calais be improved. In the ... » more

7.  Der Standard - Austria | 30/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Vienna and Berlin must keep cool heads

Germany's Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has accused Austria of transporting refugees to the border with Germany without providing them with care and without warning ... » more

8.  Der Standard - Austria | 28/10/2015

Southeast Europe can't cope

The refugee crisis poses a threat to the already fragile stability in Southeast Europe, the centre-left daily Der Standard warns: "The relations within the region ... » more

9.  Der Standard - Austria | 21/10/2015

Pegida just wants to foment hatred these days

For one year now Pegida supporters have been demonstrating regularly in Dresden and other German cities. The movement has become more radical since its first ... » more

10.  Der Standard - Austria | 15/10/2015

Turkey not a safe country of origin

After the attacks on demonstrators, the curfews and the violence against journalists in recent months upgrading Turkey's status to a "safe country of origin" would ... » more


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