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In 1989 the then deputy director of Expresso, Vicente Jorge Silva, left the paper to found the daily Público in 1990. He was able to secure the services of several important Expresso journalists for the new paper. In the working agreement between publishers and editors Público declares its ideological, political and economic independence and pledges its commitment to high-quality journalism and diversity of opinion. It quickly became one of Portugal's leading papers. It is owned by the World Media Network, which among others owns the Süddeutsche Zeitung, El País, Libération und La Stampa.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 37,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Publisher: Público Comunicação Social, SA (Grupo Sonaecom)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1990

Rua Viriato, 13
P-1069-315 Lisbon
Phone: 00351-210 111 000

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1.  Público - Portugal | 14/04/2015

Laws won't stop youths from boozing

The Portuguese government has announced plans to tackle excessive alcohol consumption among youths by banning the sale of all alcoholic beverages to those under the ... » more

2.  Público - Portugal | 30/03/2015

Recovery not reaching all Portuguese

Unemployment rate continues to rise in Portugal, the latest figures published by its national statistic agency reveal. Joblessness rose from 13.8 to 14.1 percent between ... » more

3.  Público - Portugal | 30/03/2015

Tunis takes a stand against terror

Tens of thousands gathered in Tunis on Sunday to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Bardo National Museum just under ... » more

4.  Público - Portugal | 25/03/2015

Yemen conflict a time bomb for Arab Peninsula

Saudi Arabian units began attacking Houthi rebels' positions in Yemen on Wednesday night. The latter had closed in on the city of Aden in southern ... » more

5.  Público - Portugal | 20/03/2015

Portugal's government goes unpunished yet again

Following reports in the media about a secret "VIP tax list" that protects well-known politicians and businesspeople from people gaining unwanted access to their tax ... » more

6.  Público - Portugal | 17/03/2015

Paedophile register an invitation for mob justice

Portugal's Council of Ministers passed legislation for the creation of a central register of known paedophiles last week. However the question of who will have ... » more

7.  Público - Portugal | 16/03/2015

Security not at all the top priority

Netanyahu's challengers have good prospects of success because they seem to care more about the concerns and needs of the people, writes the liberal daily ... » more

8.  Público - Portugal | 26/02/2015

Not an effective response to radicalism

The ban on foreign financing for Muslim associations and mosques contravenes the equality of religions before the law and could prove counter-productive in the fight ... » more

9.  Público - Portugal | 16/02/2015

Big Brother powerless against terrorism

In the aftermath of the Copenhagen attacks the EU should reflect on why its security measures are not working before it decides to crank up ... » more

10.  Público - Portugal | 04/02/2015

Brutal execution will strengthen IS opponents

Members of the Islamic State (IS) have burnt alive the Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh whom they were holding hostage in an iron cage, as a ... » more


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