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Público is published in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Braga with different local sections for each area. Founded in 1989 as a joint project by a group of journalists and the investor group Sonae, this liberal paper quickly became a newspaper of reference, particularly among the political class, entrepreneurs and intellectuals. Its website is the most popular among the traditional daily papers, registering roughly 12 million visits per month.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 35,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Publisher: Sonaecom S.A.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1990

Edifício Diogo Cão, Doca de Alcântara Norte, 1350-352 Lissabon
Phone: 00351 21 011 10 08
Twitter: @Publico

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216 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  Público - Portugal | 11/11/2015

Portugal's democracy can mature now

In Portugal a left-wing alliance toppled the conservative minority government with a vote of no confidence on Tuesday. Whether a left-leaning government will now be ... » more

2.  Público - Portugal | 09/11/2015

Is Portugal's left capable of consensus?

A left-wing alliance plans to topple Portugal's conservative minority government through a vote of no confidence on Tuesday and then take over the country's government ... » more

3.  Público - Portugal | 22/10/2015

Portugal's president too involved

Portugal's former head of government Passos Coelho was sworn in as prime minister on Thursday by President Cavaco Silva, although his centre-right alliance lost its ... » more

4.  Público - Portugal | 22/10/2015

Assad's visit helps both leaders

Assad's visit to Putin is of crucial importance for both leaders, the liberal daily Público believes: "With his most recent appearance in the limelight at ... » more

5.  Público - Portugal | 08/10/2015

Why not a left-wing government for Portugal?

Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva has tasked Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho with forming a government. Meanwhile the moderate Socialists have met with other left-wing ... » more

6.  Público - Portugal | 06/10/2015

Dangerous provocations in Turkey's air space

After Russian fighter jets repeatedly invaded Turkey's air space President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened Moscow on Tuesday with ending the good relations between the two ... » more

7.  Público - Portugal | 28/09/2015

Independence is unrealistic

After this election it seems very unrealistic that Catalonia will become independent within 18 months, the liberal daily Público writes and calls on both sides ... » more

8.  Público - Portugal | 16/09/2015

Nothing learned from past mistakes

With its indecisiveness Europe keeps failing in crisis situations and hasn't learned from its mistakes, the liberal daily Público criticises: "The postponement of a joint ... » more

9.  Público - Portugal | 07/09/2015

Portugal tired and undecided ahead of election

A month before the parliamentary elections in Portugal the former socialist prime minister José Sócrates, who is facing charges of corruption, has been released from ... » more

10.  Público - Portugal | 05/09/2015

Portuguese don't confuse politics and football

In view of the anticipated low voter turnout Portugal's electoral commission criticised on Monday the fact that football matches are scheduled for the same day ... » more


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