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Prager Zeitung

The Prager Zeitung is a weekly paper that is published in German and also distributed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as in the Czech Republic. It is also often read by tourists to the country. In addition to political news the paper also provides comprehensive coverage of cultural and social issues.

Medium: weekly
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 15,000 (2012)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Wednesdays
Visits per month: < 500.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Prago Media s.r.o.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1991

Jeseniova 51, 130 00 Praha 3
Phone: 00420 222 250 125
Twitter: @prager_zeitung

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21 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 09/03/2012

Half-full tanks to prevent stomach ulcers

Petrol prices are on the rise in the Czech Republic, breaking all previous records. The German-language weekly Prager Zeitung reacts with gallows humour: "Stressed by ... » more

2.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 07/01/2011

Prague's opera houses in trouble

Oliver von Dohnányi, the director of Prague's State Opera, has handed in his resignation in protest at cuts in Czech cultural subsidies. The state desperately ... » more

3.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 12/11/2010

Fast food beats Czech dumpling

For the fourth time running the Czechs have selected the best dumpling cook in the country. Such competitions are necessary because the taste buds of ... » more

4.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 17/09/2010

The Czech Republic blocks Google Street View

After encountering strong opposition to Google Street View in Germany the Internet service provider is now having problems in the Czech Republic, too. The data ... » more

5.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 13/08/2010

Budweiser must remain in Czech hands

The new Czech government is considering privatising and selling the country's last remaining state-owned brewery, Budweiser, in České Budějovice. The German-language weekly Prager Zeitung says ... » more

6.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 20/04/2010

Border controls feed prejudices between Czechs and Germans

The number of complaints from Czech motorists claiming to have been subjected to harassing checks by Bavarian border police is rising. This reaffirms the old ... » more

7.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 04/12/2009

The Bible as bestseller

A new translation of the Bible has become a surprising bestseller in the highly atheist Czech Republic. The German-language weekly Prager Zeitung looks into the ... » more

8.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 22/10/2009

Child pornography websites should be deleted, not blocked

The Czech police have uncovered a child pornography ring with 160 presumed operators. The German-language Prager Zeitung lays out how the spread of child pornography ... » more

9.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 16/10/2009

Martin Preusker on unpolitical politics

Martin Preusker argues in the German-language daily Prager Zeitung in favour of "unpolitical politics" with high moral standards such as practiced by former Czech president ... » more

10.  Prager Zeitung - Czech Republic | 24/09/2009

German-Czech reconciliation making progress

The German-born Pope Benedict XVI sets off on a pastoral visit to the Czech Republic tomorrow (Saturday). Prague's archbishop, Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, has complained ahead ... » more


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