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The free paper Žurnal24 was launched in 2007 with five regional editions, and it quickly attained a high circulation. The Žurnal24 website went online at the same time. Austria's Styria Media Group used to be its publisher but in May 2014 the group discontinued Žurnal24 for financial reasons. A group of editors has been running the website with its own resources since July 2014.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal-conservative
Circulation: 85,000 (2013)
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 10.000.000 - 20.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Publisher: Feniks media, d.o.o.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2007

Bravničarjeva ulica 13, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: 00386 1 620 26 20
Twitter: @Zurnal_24

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1.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 04/03/2015

Gay marriage makes Slovenia more tolerant

Slovenia put partnerships between same-sex couples on an equal legal footing with traditional marriages between men and women on Tuesday. Journalist Barbara Eržen counters the ... » more

2.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 08/01/2015

Euthanasia the most humane right

In Ljubljana an investigation has been launched into an alleged case of euthanasia. Although euthanasia is forbidden in Slovenia, a doctor is said to have ... » more

3.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 29/08/2013

Cronyism ruins Slovenia's state-owned companies

In Slovenia the appointment of Gašpar Gašpar Mišič as chairman of the state-owned port operator Luka Koper threatens to destabilise the ruling centre-left coalition. Mišič ... » more

4.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 15/05/2013

Slovenia choking its public sector

In Slovenia, the government and trade unions of the public sector have brought their negotiations on planned austerity measures to a successful conclusion. As of ... » more

5.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 01/02/2013

Uprising unites Slovenia

Representatives of numerous civil organisations called for the government to step down in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana on Thursday. The Slovenians have been protesting for months ... » more

6.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 05/12/2012

Street protests pave way for pension reform

The Slovenian parliament on Tuesday unanimously approved a new pension reform, among other measures raising the retirement age to 65. The online edition of Žurnal24 ... » more

7.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 04/12/2012

Slovenians have had enough

The wave of protest against the political class and the government in Slovenia reached a new high point on Monday. Thousands of people took to ... » more

8.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 27/08/2012

Croatia expects too much of EU membership

Croatia's accession to the EU, expected for July 2013, will take place in circumstances very different to those that prevailed when Slovenia joined eight years ... » more

9.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 15/11/2011

Slovenia's welfare state in danger

Early general elections take place in Slovenia on December 4. Since all the parties up for election agree that there must be spending cuts the ... » more

10.  Žurnal24 online - Slovenia | 14/04/2011

Young Slovenes dream of home ownership

Young Slovenes are hardly ever given unlimited employment contracts nowadays, making their dreams of owning their own homes impossible, the online paper Žurnal24 Online writes: ... » more


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