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The first edition was published in 1959. The newspaper's circulation peaked at over 100,000 copies per day in 1980, making it Yugoslavia's most sold daily after the Belgrade newspaper Politika. Following the collapse of Yugoslavia Delo was able to maintain its pioneer status in the print media sector and even consolidate its position after gradual privatisation. Delo shares have been traded on the stock exchange since 1999. Delo has the highest circulation of all the serious dailies in Slovenia - but at the same time since 2005 it has seen the most dramatic drop in sales of all the Slovenian dailies.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left liberal, with close ties to the Social Democratic Party
Circulation: 55,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday, Sunday edition Nedelo

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Publisher: časopisno- in založnisško podjetje, d.d Delo (Newspaper and publishing group Delo, AG)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1959

Dunajska 5
SI-1509 Ljubljana
Phone: 00386 (0)1 473 74 17

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1.  Delo - Slovenia | 14/08/2014

Ukrainians victims of US geostrategy

The US's stance in the face of the plight of the people in eastern Ukraine is unacceptable, the left-liberal daily Delo rails: "It could be ... » more

2.  Delo - Slovenia | 14/07/2014

Slovenia votes for change

In Slovenia the SMC party led by law professor Miro Cerar won a clear victory in parliamentary elections on Sunday. According to initial counts it ... » more

3.  Delo - Slovenia | 04/07/2014

West has double standard also in Ukraine crisis

The West's foreign policy is defined by double standards, the left-liberal daily Delo criticises, pointing to parallels between the Ukraine crisis and the war in ... » more

4.  Delo - Slovenia | 05/06/2014

Wait for Putin and count on Obama

The heads of state and government at the G7 summit have called on Russia to cooperate on resolving the Ukraine conflict. In view of US ... » more

5.  Delo - Slovenia | 30/05/2014

Obama's fatal counter-terrorism plan

In a speech delivered at West Point military academy, US President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday that the US would in future rely more on ... » more

6.  Delo - Slovenia | 28/05/2014

Vote in Ukraine a blow for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin won't simply accept the pro-Western course of the new Ukrainian leadership, the left-liberal daily Delo fears: "The support for the presidential ... » more

7.  Delo - Slovenia | 09/05/2014

Mimi Podkrižnik wants democracy by casting lots

The widespread disinterest in the European elections is proof that Western democracy has reached its limits, political editor Mimi Podkrižnik writes in the left-liberal daily ... » more

8.  Delo - Slovenia | 28/04/2014

New elections won't resolve chaos in Slovenia

The Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek has lost her battle to become the leader of her left-liberal party Pozitivna Slovenija (PS) in a vote on ... » more

9.  Delo - Slovenia | 25/04/2014

Negotiate to avoid war

Unless the involved parties sit down at the negotiating table, eastern Ukraine could face war, the left-liberal Delo warns: "Although the first post-Soviet heads of ... » more

10.  Delo - Slovenia | 14/04/2014

European elections: a test for Slovenia's new parties

The European elections will be a first acid test above all for the alternative left-leaning parties in Slovenia that emerged in reaction to the mass ... » more


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