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The first edition was published in 1959. The newspaper's circulation peaked at over 100,000 copies per day in 1980, making it Yugoslavia's most sold daily after the Belgrade newspaper Politika. Following the collapse of Yugoslavia Delo was able to maintain its pioneer status in the print media sector and even consolidate its position after gradual privatisation. Delo shares have been traded on the stock exchange since 1999. Delo has the highest circulation of all the serious dailies in Slovenia - but at the same time since 2005 it has seen the most dramatic drop in sales of all the Slovenian dailies.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left liberal, with close ties to the Social Democratic Party
Circulation: 55,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday, Sunday edition Nedelo

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Publisher: časopisno- in založnisško podjetje, d.d Delo (Newspaper and publishing group Delo, AG)
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1959

Dunajska 5
SI-1509 Ljubljana
Phone: 00386 (0)1 473 74 17

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1.  Delo - Slovenia | 19/05/2015

Only fighting the symptoms of refugee crisis

The EU's plans are utterly inadequate, the left-liberal daily Delo criticises: "A military mission against smuggler gangs will only address the symptoms of the crisis. ... » more

2.  Delo - Slovenia | 07/05/2015

EU missing big chance with digital strategy

The European Commission on Wednesday presented its digital strategy with which it hopes to ensure that Europe catches up with the US and the Chinese ... » more

3.  Delo - Slovenia | 24/04/2015

Everyone loses out in the Patria case

Slovenia's constitutional court has ruled that the trial over the purchase of Finnish Patria tanks is to be reopened. The court has repealed the verdicts ... » more

4.  Delo - Slovenia | 22/04/2015

Food giant crushes Slovenian farmers

As of Tuesday, the Croatian food company Podravka owns 52 percent of the privatised Slovenian manufacturer of baked goods Žito. Given that Žito had regularly ... » more

5.  Delo - Slovenia | 16/04/2015

Investigative journalism must be protected

The Slovenian prosecutor's office on Wednesday retracted its charges against the investigative journalist Anuška Delić for lack of evidence. In 2011 she had reported for ... » more

6.  Delo - Slovenia | 14/04/2015

Heineken prevents beer war in Slovenia

The Slovenian beer brewery Laško, once synonymous with national interests, was sold on Monday. Heineken, the world's largest brewery, bought a 51 percent majority stake. ... » more

7.  Delo - Slovenia | 01/04/2015

Nuclear talks with Iran must continue

The nuclear talks with Iran are to be continued. They were scheduled to end on Tuesday but the parties have yet to reach an agreement ... » more

8.  Delo - Slovenia | 14/03/2015

Athens' plight just a little foretaste

In its dealings with Greece the EU is clinging to rules that are doomed to fail, the left-liberal daily Delo criticises: "The problem is that ... » more

9.  Delo - Slovenia | 11/03/2015

Greedy professors harmful for Slovenia

Slovenia's Education Minister Setnikar Cankar resigned on Friday over an affair concerning additional income she earned during her time as a professor. According to the ... » more

10.  Delo - Slovenia | 26/02/2015

Mario Belović on why we learn nothing about the TTIP

Despite ongoing criticism details about the TTIP transatlantic free trade agreement between the EU and the US have yet to be made public, Mario Belović ... » more


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