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Zeit Online is aimed at a younger readership. The news reports, analyses and background reports are written, spoken or filmed exclusively for the website. The Zeit Online GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Zeit-Verlag Gerd Bucerius.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Regularly updated

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Publisher: Zeit Online GmbH
Area of distribution: German-language Internet
Established: 1996

Buceriusstraße, Eingang Speersort 1
D-20095 Hamburg
Phone: 0049-(0)40-3280-0

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1.  Zeit Online - Germany | 09/07/2015

Greeks need Grexit plus debt relief

A Grexit combined with debt relief is the only way to save Greece, the liberal news website Zeit Online advises: "Since Greece has made it ... » more

2.  Zeit Online - Germany | 22/04/2015

Genocide debate just term fetishism

Speaking to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the telephone, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has protested the use of the word "genocide" in a ... » more

3.  Zeit Online - Germany | 30/03/2015

Nuclear deal won't solve Middle East conflicts

The deadline for a deal on Iran's nuclear programme ends today, Tuesday. The liberal web portal Zeit Online doubts that such an agreement can solve ... » more

4.  Zeit Online - Germany | 10/10/2014

Gauck too uncritical at reunification ceremony

A ceremony was held on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the first big Monday demonstration in Leipzig 25 years ago, in which over 70,000 ... » more

5.  Zeit Online - Germany | 16/09/2014

Kiev cements Putin's influence

With the law on a special status for eastern Ukraine Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved his goal, the liberal news portal Zeit Online comments: ... » more

6.  Zeit Online - Germany | 24/06/2014

Isil's success alarming but fragile

Over 1,000 people have been killed in Iraq since the start of the jihadists' offensive, according to UN sources. The fact that the extremists are ... » more

7.  Zeit Online - Germany | 06/11/2013

Germans need the US as friend and foe

The Gemans have become used to having everything dropped into their laps, from the Marshall Plan to the Internet - that's why they will also ... » more

8.  Zeit Online - Germany | 17/09/2013

Paedophile debate catches Greens off guard

Just days before Germany's parliamentary elections, accusations that Jürgen Trittin, the leading candidate of the Alliance '90/The Greens, formerly tolerated paedophilia have put the party ... » more

9.  Zeit Online - Germany | 27/08/2013

Berlin must be generous with Athens

In the search for ways to secure the billions of euros lacking from the current Greek bailout programme, a new debt write-down has come under ... » more

10.  Zeit Online - Germany | 17/04/2013

Emissions trading reform crucial

The EU Parliament on Tuesday rejected a reform on emissions trading according to which 900 million emissions certificates were to be provisionally taken from the ... » more


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