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Zeit Online is aimed at a younger readership. The news reports, analyses and background reports are written, spoken or filmed exclusively for the website. The Zeit Online GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Zeit-Verlag Gerd Bucerius.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Regularly updated

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Publisher: Zeit Online GmbH
Area of distribution: German-language Internet
Established: 1996

Buceriusstraße, Eingang Speersort 1
D-20095 Hamburg
Phone: 0049-(0)40-3280-0

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16 articles from this medium have been cited in the European press review by euro|topics.

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1.  Zeit Online - Germany | 06/11/2013

Germans need the US as friend and foe

The Gemans have become used to having everything dropped into their laps, from the Marshall Plan to the Internet - that's why they will also ... » more

2.  Zeit Online - Germany | 17/09/2013

Paedophile debate catches Greens off guard

Just days before Germany's parliamentary elections, accusations that Jürgen Trittin, the leading candidate of the Alliance '90/The Greens, formerly tolerated paedophilia have put the party ... » more

3.  Zeit Online - Germany | 27/08/2013

Berlin must be generous with Athens

In the search for ways to secure the billions of euros lacking from the current Greek bailout programme, a new debt write-down has come under ... » more

4.  Zeit Online - Germany | 17/04/2013

Emissions trading reform crucial

The EU Parliament on Tuesday rejected a reform on emissions trading according to which 900 million emissions certificates were to be provisionally taken from the ... » more

5.  Zeit Online - Germany | 06/03/2013

Deadlock in Italy bad news for all Europe

Despite the electoral stalemate in Italy, the parties are searching feverishly for a solution that will allow them to form a government. But it's not ... » more

6.  Zeit Online - Germany | 04/03/2013

Jeff Jarvis voices wonder at the symbiosis between state and media in Europe

After years of controversy the German Bundestag on Friday passed a law - known as the Leistungsschutzrecht - strengthening the copyrights of publishers on the ... » more

7.  Zeit Online - Germany | 01/02/2013

Foreign missions: Germany must take a stance

Germany is currently contributing three transport aircraft to the French-African intervention in Mali and plans to gradually increase its military assistance in the coming weeks. ... » more

8.  Zeit Online - Germany | 22/11/2012

German newspaper industry self-destroying

According to media reports the board of magazine publisher Gruner und Jahr has decided to close down the Financial Times Deutschland. The representatives of the ... » more

9.  Zeit Online - Germany | 30/10/2012

Bernd Ulrich exposes europhorics as pragmatists

Europhorics like Austrian writer Robert Menasse, German sociologist Ulrich Beck and German MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit are turning Europe into an ideology, Bernd Ulrich criticises on ... » more

10.  Zeit Online - Germany | 02/10/2012

Saakashvili approaches opposition

The fact that President Saakashvili has acknowledged the defeat of his party represents a major opportunity for the country, the web portal of the liberal ... » more


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