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De Volkskrant

Until the 1960s the organ of the Catholic workers' movement. In the wake of the student uprisings confessional affiliations were dropped and De Volkskrant became the country's leading leftist newspaper. Together with Trouw and AD it belongs to the Belgian publisher De Persgroep. Since 2010 the paper has appeared in tabloid format. Circulation has dropped in recent years as a result of the global economic crisis.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Left-leaning
Circulation: 252,000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Publisher: De Persgroep
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1919

Jacob Bontiusplaats 9
NL-1018 LL Amsterdam
Phone: 0031-(0)20 - 562 9222

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1.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 17/04/2014

Social benefits only after language test

Those who can't speak any Dutch after spending a year in the Netherlands may see their social benefits reduced under draft legislation presented in the ... » more

2.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 31/03/2014

Dutch turn against Moroccans

In the Netherlands the wife of a jeweller shot dead two men, apparently Moroccans, during an attempted robbery on Friday. While the judiciary talks of ... » more

3.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 27/03/2014

Fortuyn's killer should be in prison for life

The activist Volkert van der Graaf, who murdered the Dutch right-wing populist Pim Fortuyn in May 2002, will be released from prison on May 2 ... » more

4.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 21/03/2014

Tolerance allows Wilders' hate speeches

The right-wing populist Geert Wilders triggered a wave of indignation in the Netherlands with a hate speech against Moroccans he made at a party after ... » more

5.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 10/03/2014

Only boring candidates

The selection of Jean-Claude Juncker as the top candidate of the European conservatives is a step backwards, columnist Sheila Sitalsing complains in the left-liberal daily ... » more

6.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 05/03/2014

In Putin's world the enemy is everywhere

Russian President Vladimir Putin came across as self-assured during his press conference on the Crimea crisis, but his words reveal a distorted picture of the ... » more

7.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 27/02/2014

"Bonnie and Clyde" are evil and romantic

The Dutch crime duo Antonio Marcos van der P. and Enise B. were arrested in Germany on Wednesday after a manhunt that lasted several days. ... » more

8.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 25/02/2014

Dutch seized by ottermania

An otter is at the centre of a media frenzy in the Netherlands. The animal, which was thought to be dead after being hit by ... » more

9.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 18/02/2014

Witch hunt against paedophile in the Netherlands

Hundreds of people protested in the Dutch city of Leiden on Sunday because the paedophile Benno L. had been allocated a flat in the city ... » more

10.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 07/02/2014

Wilders leading the Dutch to euro-free bliss

Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders presented a study on Thursday according to which his country would benefit from exiting the EU. Wilders is going to ... » more


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