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This newspaper was founded by John Francis Maguire in 1841 under the name the Cork Examiner with the aim of backing the Catholic emancipation movement in Ireland, which among other things fought for the right of Catholics to hold seats in Westminster. In recent years its name was changed first to The Examiner and then to the Irish Examiner. The paper belongs to the media group Thomas Crosbie Holdings. Its readership figures have risen significantly in recent years, owing mainly to the large number of former Irish Independent readers switching to the Irish Examiner.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 56,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Cork, Ireland
Publisher: Thomas Crosbie Holdings
Area of distribution: Nationwide, but mostly read in the Munster region around Cork
Established: 1841

City Quarter, Lapps Quay
Phone: 00353-(0)21 4272722

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1.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 16/04/2014

Ireland must continue to budget despite upturn

Unemployment in Ireland fell to 11.8 percent in March, the lowest rate in five years. Nevertheless the government is right to stick to its course ... » more

2.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 03/04/2014

Irish bosses' shameful culture of entitlement

The head of the welfare organisation Rehab, Angela Kerins, resigned on Wednesday after being subjected to widespread criticism over her annual salary of 240,000 euros ... » more

3.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 06/02/2014

UN report puts Vatican under pressure

The Vatican on Thursday rejected the criticism of the UN Children's Rights Committee of how it has dealt with cases of child abuse calling it ... » more

4.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 19/11/2013

British and Irish drawing closer

In April 2014 Michael Higgins will become the first Irish President to make a state visit to the United Kingdom. This is a further and ... » more

5.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 16/10/2013

An attack on the weakest

The government in Dublin shouldn't try to tell the people that the budget for 2014 marks the end of years of harsh austerity policy, the ... » more

6.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 11/10/2013

Deadly deficits in Ireland's maternity wards

Serious medical failures caused the death of Savita Halappanavar, who died after being denied an abortion a year ago, according to a report published on ... » more

7.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 26/09/2013

Guinness can teach responsible drinking

Ireland's traditional beer Guinness was celebrated across the country on Thursday with concerts, events and abundant beer consumption. The so called Arthur's Day was introduced ... » more

8.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 24/09/2013

Financial worries making the Irish sick

The mental and physical impact of the economic and financial crisis on Irish employees is costing the economy roughly 2.1 billion euros per year, according ... » more

9.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 10/09/2013

Private insolvence in Ireland too bank-friendly

As of Monday, over-indebted Irish borrowers can file for private insolvency. The new arrangement unfortunately relies on the good will of the banks, the liberal ... » more

10.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 27/08/2013

Martin Luther King's dream still unfulfilled

This Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the famous "I have a Dream" speech by the black Baptist preacher and civil rights activist Martin Luther ... » more


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