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This newspaper was founded by John Francis Maguire in 1841 under the name the Cork Examiner with the aim of backing the Catholic emancipation movement in Ireland, which among other things fought for the right of Catholics to hold seats in Westminster. In recent years its name was changed first to The Examiner and then to the Irish Examiner. The paper belongs to the media group Thomas Crosbie Holdings. Its readership figures have risen significantly in recent years, owing mainly to the large number of former Irish Independent readers switching to the Irish Examiner.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 56,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Cork, Ireland
Publisher: Thomas Crosbie Holdings
Area of distribution: Nationwide, but mostly read in the Munster region around Cork
Established: 1841

City Quarter, Lapps Quay
Phone: 00353-(0)21 4272722

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1.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 04/11/2014

Freedom of movement: EU majority backs Merkel

The German government made it clear on Monday that it sees the EU's principle of freedom of movement as non-negotiable. With this clear stance vis-à-vis ... » more

2.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 02/11/2014

Russia the winner in gas dispute with Ukraine

With the EU's assistance Ukraine and Russia settled their gas dispute last Thursday. But Moscow is the big winner of the agreement, the liberal daily ... » more

3.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 17/09/2014

Going solo more difficult in times of crisis

Ireland's fate in the financial crisis should serve as a warning to the Scots not to go it alone, the liberal daily Irish Examiner points ... » more

4.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 11/08/2014

Fanatics abusing religion

The fight against the terrorist militia the Islamic State once again raises the question of why extremists are able to exploit religion for their murderous ... » more

5.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 07/08/2014

Irish must question monster salmon farms

Ireland's seafood development agency BIM plans to establish several large-scale salmon farms off the Irish coast. The liberal daily Irish Examiner feels not enough has ... » more

6.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 01/08/2014

Ireland must give Palestinians a voice

The UN Human Rights Council last week resolved to launch an enquiry into Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Ireland was wrong to withhold ... » more

7.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 05/06/2014

Mass grave for children shocks Ireland

Research by an Irish historian has brought to light a mass grave where up to 800 infants were buried in a septic tank on the ... » more

8.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 02/06/2014

Professional sport all about money

After the corruption accusations surrounding Qatar's hosting of the Fifa 2022 World Cup, a growing chorus of voices is calling for a rerun of the ... » more

9.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 05/05/2014

Northern Ireland conflict far from resolved

After four days of questioning by Northern Irish investigators, Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams was released on Sunday and now awaits possible charges. The excitement ... » more

10.  Irish Examiner - Ireland | 03/05/2014

Sinn Féin leader could benefit from arrest

After spending four days in police custody for questioning Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams was released on Sunday evening. He is accused of involvement in ... » more


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