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The newspaper Le Figaro was founded as a satirical paper in 1826, making it the oldest French newspaper still in print. It became a daily in 1866. Robert Hersant, a politician and founder of the Hersant press group, acquired the newspaper in 1975. In 2004 the Dassault group took over control of Socpress, Figaro's parent company, which made the trade unions fear for the independence of the newspaper. In 2008 the company announced austerity measures including the axing of more than 10 percent of its staff. In 2009 the newspaper switched to the so-called Berlin Format and introduced an online subscribed edition in 2010.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 316,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: Socpresse
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1826

14, bd Haussmann
F-75009 Paris
Phone: 0033-157087110, -157087108

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1.  Le Figaro - France | 23/04/2014

Valls must not heed critics

Socialist Party colleagues have criticised Manuel Valls' austerity plans as too harsh. But the prime minister should hold his course, also in the interests of ... » more

2.  Le Figaro - France | 25/03/2014

First signs of détente from Moscow

The first signs that relations between the West and Russia are stabilising have emerged in recent days, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes: "In an ... » more

3.  Le Figaro - France | 24/03/2014

A slap in the face for Paris

In the run-up to the local elections, some members of the Socialist government expressed hopes that above all voters on the right would stay away ... » more

4.  Le Figaro - France | 18/03/2014

No short-term measures against smog

Paris today lifted traffic restrictions that were introduced only yesterday as part of a scheme to fight the high levels of fine particles in the ... » more

5.  Le Figaro - France | 04/03/2014

Copé should have kept his mouth shut

In reaction to accusations of croneyism, the chairman of the conservative opposition party UMP, Jean-François Copé, said on Monday that he was the victim of ... » more

6.  Le Figaro - France | 10/02/2014

Hollande on a study trip to the US

France's President François Hollande is currently on a state visit in the US, the first by a French head of state since 1996. Hollande can ... » more

7.  Le Figaro - France | 27/01/2014

Time for true job market reforms in France

The number of jobless in France rose to 3.3 million in December, it was announced on Monday. This contradicts François Hollande's electoral promises to reverse ... » more

8.  Le Figaro - France | 22/01/2014

French state should protect private sphere

The French National Assembly liberalised the laws on abortion on Tuesday. In future women will be eligible for an abortion without having to prove that ... » more

9.  Le Figaro - France | 08/01/2014

Unions to blame for Goodyear drama

In the conflict over the closure of the Goodyear tire factory in the northern French city of Amiens, workers held two managers hostage for roughly ... » more

10.  Le Figaro - France | 06/01/2014

Hollande finally on the right course

In his new year's address, French President François Hollande announced tax cuts and business-friendly measures. The conservative daily Le Figaro encourages the Socialist leader to ... » more


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