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The newspaper Le Figaro was founded as a satirical paper in 1826, making it the oldest French newspaper still in print. It became a daily in 1866. Robert Hersant, a politician and founder of the Hersant press group, acquired the newspaper in 1975. In 2004 the Dassault group took over control of Socpress, Figaro's parent company, which made the trade unions fear for the independence of the newspaper. In 2008 the company announced austerity measures including the axing of more than 10 percent of its staff. In 2009 the newspaper switched to the so-called Berlin Format and introduced an online subscribed edition in 2010.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 316,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: Socpresse
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1826

14, bd Haussmann
F-75009 Paris
Phone: 0033-157087110, -157087108

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1.  Le Figaro - France | 24/03/2015

Only Front National tells people the truth

The Front National is so popular because it doesn't gloss over the truth, the conservative daily Le Figaro explains: "The rise of the FN is ... » more

2.  Le Figaro - France | 23/03/2015

Far right now permanent part of French political life

The election confirms the end of the French two-party system, the conservative daily Le Figaro comments: "Even if it hasn't gained new ground, the Front ... » more

3.  Le Figaro - France | 16/03/2015

In or out: Tsipras must decide

Whether he likes it or not Alexis Tsipras faces the choice between implementing his programme or keeping Greece in the Eurozone, the conservative daily Le ... » more

4.  Le Figaro - France | 03/03/2015

France must keep talking to Assad

Four French parliamentarians met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last week in Damascus. Prime Minister Manuel Valls strongly criticised the move, but the conservative daily ... » more

5.  Le Figaro - France | 18/02/2015

French government hangs in the balance

The French government wants to pass by decree the so-called Macron law for growth and employment today, Tuesday. The move would avoid the law being ... » more

6.  Le Figaro - France | 05/02/2015

Putin must accept a compromise for Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin should accept the negotiation offer from François Holland and Angela Merkel, the conservative daily Le Figaro urges: "It's one thing for ... » more

7.  Le Figaro - France | 04/02/2015

Liberate French schools from 1968

France's President François Hollande has announced a press conference for today. No doubt he'll discuss reforms to the school system, the conservative daily Le Figaro ... » more

8.  Le Figaro - France | 28/01/2015

An end to French thumb-twiddling

Unemployment in France has reached a new high. As the French employment office announced on Tuesday, 3,496,400 French people were unemployed in December, almost six ... » more

9.  Le Figaro - France | 21/01/2015

Paris must crack down on terror

France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls has announced that he intends to crack down on terrorism with full force. The conservative daily Le Figaro calls for ... » more

10.  Le Figaro - France | 07/01/2015

War has reached France

With the attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo the war against terrorism in the Middle East and Africa has reached France, the conservative ... » more


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