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Le Figaro was originally founded as a satire newspaper in 1826 and is France's oldest newspaper still in print. It has been printed every day since 1866 and is considered France's most important conservative paper. Owned by the arms business Serge Dassault, Le Figaro is frequently embroiled in controversies over editorial independence. The newspaper had close ties to the Sarkozy government.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative
Circulation: 329,100 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday
Visits per month: 50.000.000 - 100.000.000
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Paris, France
Publisher: Socpresse / Dassault
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1826

14, bd Haussmann, 75009 Paris
Phone: 0033 1 57 08 80 00
Twitter: @Le_Figaro

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1.  Le Figaro - France | 24/11/2015

International alliance on shaky ground

Turkey's shooting down of the Russian fighter jet won't make it any easier for French President François Hollande to form an international alliance against the ... » more

2.  Le Figaro - France | 17/11/2015

US must put an end to chaos in Middle East

French President François Holland has announced that France will wage a relentless battle against the IS terrorist organisation. "France is at war", he announced on ... » more

3.  Le Figaro - France | 12/11/2015

French want to be forced to adopt reforms

According to a recent survey by the French opinion research institute Ifop, 40 percent of the French would be willing to accept an authoritarian government ... » more

4.  Le Figaro - France | 04/11/2015

Moderation the wrong weapon against climate change

The often cited concept of economic contraction to fight climate change is not a good idea, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes in view of ... » more

5.  Le Figaro - France | 30/10/2015

All eyes on Putin now

The West lacks a concrete strategy for Syria, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes, and pins its hopes on the Russian president: "Certainly the importance ... » more

6.  Le Figaro - France | 26/10/2015

Reality in French suburbs denied ten years on

Three youths were shot and killed in a Marseilles suburb on Saturday night. Investigators believe the shootings were linked to the organised drug trade. The ... » more

7.  Le Figaro - France | 22/10/2015

Myth of Europe as a safe haven crumbles

Europe's politicians must finally tell the truth in the refugee crisis, the conservative daily Le Figaro warns: "Europe seems powerless, full of cracks and fissures. ... » more

8.  Le Figaro - France | 15/10/2015

Air France: a typical French comedy

French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal and Labour Minister Myriam El Khomri said on Wednesday that the restructuring plan for Air France should be put on ... » more

9.  Le Figaro - France | 10/10/2015

Netanyahu must prevent the third Intifada

Israel responded to a missile attack from the Gaza Strip with airstrikes on Saturday, while last week saw at least four knife attacks by Palestinians ... » more

10.  Le Figaro - France | 09/10/2015

Russia strengthening the IS with its attacks

As in the Chechen war, Russian President Putin is using the fight against terror as a pretext for weakening opponents of the regime, the conservative ... » more


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