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During the 1920s and 1930s the newspaper had close ties to the Christian national movement in the country. In 1950, the communist rulers liquidated the paper. It was only revived in 1982 as a government organ. Only after the political transformation in 1989 was the editing team able to work independently once more. Since then the paper has distinguished itself by its conservative and anti-German reporting. It has close ties to the Law and Justice Party (PiS). It relies on a high-quality economy section that also features ranking lists for Polish companies.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative, Christian
Circulation: 108,000 (2012)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Publisher: Presspublica
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1920

ul. Prosta 51
PL-00-838 Warszawa
Phone: 0048-(0)22 628-34-01

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1.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 16/04/2014

The Gothenburg model: Work less, achieve more

The city of Göteborg has agreed to let the staff at a care home for the elderly work six hours per day instead of eight, ... » more

2.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 02/04/2014

Ukraine must civilise nationalists

Police in Ukraine apparently shot dead the ultra-nationalist Oleksander Muzychko, who among other things led the "Right Sector" group, last week. According to the Interior ... » more

3.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 24/03/2014

European elections: fears of war exploited for campaign in Poland

Just under two months before the European elections, the conservative Polish governing party PO and the national-conservative opposition party PiS have put the Ukraine crisis ... » more

4.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 18/03/2014

EU membership a Polish success story

Poland was one of ten countries to join the EU on May 1 2004, and since then it has accessed a total of 60 billion ... » more

5.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 05/03/2014

Poland soon won't need gas from Russia

Poland wants to spend a total of 2.7 billion euros between 2011 and 2018 on projects aimed at reducing its dependence on energy from Russia. ... » more

6.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 20/02/2014

No more Cold War in ice hockey

The Russian ice hockey team was unexpectedly eliminated by Finland in the Olympic quarter-finals in Sochi on Wednesday. This was a defeat confined to sports ... » more

7.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 14/02/2014

An attack on civilisation

Civilisation itself is in danger after the Belgian decision, in the eyes of the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita: "The head of the Dutch Physicians' Association Karl ... » more

8.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 13/02/2014

Bad jokes about child murderer intolerable

The release from prison of the child murderer Mariusz Trynkiewicz after 25 years in prison has sparked a hefty debate in Poland. The serial killer ... » more

9.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 31/01/2014

Wartime conditions in Poland's hospitals

The state hospitals in Poland plan to use a coloured-band system for managing emergency admissions in future. Patients will receive a colour-coded band according to ... » more

10.  Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 06/01/2014

French students should learn from Poles

According to a survey put out by the research institute Observertoire national de la vie étudiante (OVE), 53 percent of students in France are either ... » more


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