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Der Tagesspiegel

A subscribed newspaper with the third-highest circulation in Berlin, mostly read in the city's western districts. The paper was distributed in Berlin and Brandenburg until the blockade confined distribution to West Berlin in 1948. The original owners, the F.K. Maier and Dannenberger families, sold Der Tagesspiegel bit by bit to the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal conservative
Circulation: 130,000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Berlin, Germany
Publisher: Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1945

Askanischer Platz 3
D-10963 Berlin
Phone: 0049-(0)30-29021 0

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1.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 03/07/2014

Germany right to be cautious on drones

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen spoke out in favour of buying drones for the German armed forces ... » more

2.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 11/06/2014

Martin Schulz's silly idea to blame

Martin Schulz, hitherto president of the EU Parliament, bears the blame for the continuing struggle over the post of EU Commission president, the liberal-conservative daily ... » more

3.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 20/03/2014

The West trivialises dangers of Svoboda party

MPs of the neo-Nazi party Svoboda assaulted and threatened the chief of a Ukrainian television station after it broadcast Putin's speech about the annexation of ... » more

4.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 25/02/2014

Protest potential in Russia too

Russian police arrested over a hundred people demonstrating in front of a court in Moscow where eight opposition members were on trial on Monday. This ... » more

5.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 21/02/2014

Olympic athletes should wear black armbands

The International Olympic Committee rejected a request put forward on Wednesday by the Ukrainian Olympic Committee that Ukrainian athletes be allowed to wear black armbands. ... » more

6.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 04/02/2014

Facebook reaches its limits

Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday today, Tuesday. With 1.2 billion users the network has reached the limits of its growth, the liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel ... » more

7.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 21/01/2014

Greedy employers are real culprits

Around 27,000 Romanians and Bulgarians claimed welfare payments in Germany last June, while around 36 percent of them worked at the same time, the liberal ... » more

8.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 06/12/2013

Restricting freedom of movement is pointless

Individual EU states may in certain cases be allowed to reintroduce visa restrictions for the citizens of Balkan states, the EU interior ministers decided at ... » more

9.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 13/11/2013

EU issues too complex for referendums

The idea of holding referendums on European policy decisions is under discussion in the current coalition negotiations between Germany's conservative CDU/CSU and social democratic SPD. ... » more

10.  Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 15/10/2013

Adroit right-wing populists exploit euro crisis

The right-wing populists in Europe have renewed themselves and are successfully exploiting the euro crisis for their own ends, the liberal daily Tagesspiegel concludes: "The ... » more


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