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The newspaper was founded by three liberal Danish authors. Politiken was conceived as an idealistic project that would counter the influence of the conservative press and stoke social and political debate. Henrik Cavling revolutionised the paper in 1905. It began to appear in a smaller format, featured the first press photos in 1908 and was also the first newspaper to introduce chronicles in which writers and scientists were free to express their opinions. Politiken became one of Denmark's leading newspapers. Since January 2003 it has belonged to the media group JP/Politikens Hus along with the liberal-conservative daily Jyllands-Posten. Its circulation is steadily dropping and has gone down by almost 15 percent in the past three years, to 104,000 copies per day.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Social democratic/left liberal
Circulation: 104,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Publisher: JP/Politikens Hus
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1884

Rådhuspladsen 37
DK-1785 Kbh. V.
Phone: 0045-33 11 85 11

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1.  Politiken - Denmark | 15/05/2015

Gas from fracking still better than coal

In the northern Danish district of Vendsyssel, the French company Total has been carrying out test drilling for extracting shale gas through fracking. The plan ... » more

2.  Politiken - Denmark | 06/05/2015

Media must say no to Muhammad cartoons

An attack on an exhibition of Muhammad cartoons in Texas last Sunday has triggered a new debate about the limits of freedom of expression. We ... » more

3.  Politiken - Denmark | 10/02/2015

EU must monitor states more stringently

The EU must finally crack down on the monster that is tax evasion, demands the left-liberal daily Politiken: "The hope is now justified that following ... » more

4.  Politiken - Denmark | 04/02/2015

Danish euro opponents helping speculators

The Danish National Bank spent 106.6 billion kroner in January on purchases aimed at keeping down the exchange rate of the krone, which is pegged ... » more

5.  Politiken - Denmark | 21/01/2015

Never give up the rule of law

After the Paris attacks the political efforts to combat terrorism have intensified in Denmark too. A new law is currently being discussed which would allow ... » more

6.  Politiken - Denmark | 10/01/2015

At last course changes in Danish asylum policy

Faced with growing numbers of asylum seekers Denmark's government on Thursday signed an agreement with the National Leagues of Communes aimed at securing more help ... » more

7.  Politiken - Denmark | 06/01/2015

Democracy can bear Pegida

Democracy is strong enough to withstand the demonstrations of the anti-Islam Pegida movement in Germany, the left-liberal daily Politiken is sure: "Democratic societies are built ... » more

8.  Politiken - Denmark | 13/11/2014

US-China climate deal also benefits Denmark

For the first time ever the leaders of China and the US have committed to a joint climate protection strategy. On the fringes of the ... » more

9.  Politiken - Denmark | 08/10/2014

Danmarks Radio concealed costs of Eurovision

With a price tag of 334 million kroner (45 million euros), hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 turned out to be four times as expensive ... » more

10.  Politiken - Denmark | 06/10/2014

New impulses for Danish film

As the digitisation of Danish cinemas continues apace, negotiations for a new agreement on film funding are due to kick off in Denmark on Friday. ... » more


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