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ABC is the oldest daily newspaper published in Madrid. Founded in 1903 by Torcuato Luca de Tena y Álvarez-Ossorio, it quickly became the leading Spanish daily. During the Spanish Civil War a leftist Republican group temporarily occupied its editorial offices in Madrid. Under the ensuing dictatorship of Francisco Franco, the original owners of the paper regained control of the newspaper and ABC once again became the most widely read daily until Franco's death in 1975. It is currently the traditional newspaper of the conservatives and belongs to the Vocento publishing group, which also puts out a number of regional papers.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Conservative, monarchist
Circulation: 257,000 (2009)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Madrid, Spain
Publisher: Vocento
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1903

Calle de Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 7
E-28027 Madrid‎
Phone: 0034-913 399 000‎

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1.  ABC - Spain | 09/06/2015

Summit of harmony

The mood at the G7 summit was astoundingly relaxed, the conservative daily ABC comments in surprise: "At this year's meeting of global leaders the relaxed ... » more

2.  ABC - Spain | 05/05/2015

Ten almost perfect Merkel years

Angela Merkel has been ruling Germany highly successfully for almost ten years now, the conservative daily ABC observes, noting that the chancellor's only weakness is ... » more

3.  ABC - Spain | 20/04/2015

Stabilise the situation in Libya and Syria

Only if the international community manages to stabilise conflict-ridden Syria and Libya can refugee disasters be prevented, the conservative daily ABC writes: "The reality which ... » more

4.  ABC - Spain | 15/04/2015

Spain can get even more from tourism

The IMF predicted 2.5 percent growth for Spain in 2015 on Tuesday. That's above all thanks to the tourism industry, the conservative daily ABC writes ... » more

5.  ABC - Spain | 23/03/2015

Podemos election result no cause for panic

In Andalusia the ruling socialists won regional elections on Sunday. The new left-wing party Podemos emerged as the third-strongest party behind Spain's ruling Partido Popular. ... » more

6.  ABC - Spain | 10/03/2015

Syriza must stop blackmail tactics

The representatives of the Euro Group urged Greece to quickly tackle the agreed economic reforms at their meeting on Monday. Athens must finally realise that ... » more

7.  ABC - Spain | 17/02/2015

IS threat moving closer

Europe should prepare for military intervention in Libya, the conservative daily ABC urges: "A look at the map should set off alarm bells in all ... » more

8.  ABC - Spain | 13/02/2015

Salutary shock for Spain's Socialists

The leader of Spain's Socialists, Pedro Sánchez, on Wednesday stripped the leading party official in the Madrid region, Tomás Gómez, of his functions. The party ... » more

9.  ABC - Spain | 03/02/2015

José María Carrascal's conservative praise for Podemos

Despite all the criticism of Podemos the conservative columnist José María Carrascal agrees with the new left-wing party on one issue in the daily newspaper ... » more

10.  ABC - Spain | 28/01/2015

Spain escapes infection by Syriza

The yields on Spanish bonds dropped further on Tuesday. Syriza's election victory has not, as many had feared, had a negative impact on Spain but ... » more


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