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Sydsvenskan sees itself as an advocate of the region surrounding Malmö in southern Sweden. It was one of the few Swedish papers to publish a Muhammad cartoon in 2005. Sydsvenskan belongs to the Bonnier media group and was closely aligned with the conservative Rightist Party (now the Moderate Party) until 1966. Since 1966 it has stated its editorial position as "independent liberal". In 2014 it was announced that 180 jobs would be cut at Sydsvenskan and its sister paper Helsingborg Dagblad.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Publisher: Bonnier Media
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1870

Rådmansgatan 16, 211 46 Malmö
Phone: 0046 4 02 81 20 0
Twitter: @sydsvenskan

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1.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 01/12/2015

Democratic Turkey would be welcome

The EU must now keep a close eye on Turkey, the liberal daily Sydsvenskan urges: "There is a clear risk that in its hurry to ... » more

2.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 23/11/2015

Security more important than individual rights

The authorities in Sweden on Thursday arrested a man suspected of being a terrorist but later released him because the suspicions were not confirmed. Prior ... » more

3.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 09/11/2015

Don't react to plane attack with panic

More than a week after the plane crash on the Sinai Peninsula the evidence points to a bomb having been placed on board by an ... » more

4.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 16/09/2015

Sweden's schools no better off with tablets

The latest Pisa results for Sweden show that increased use of tablets in lessons has improved neither reading comprehension nor pupils' performance in mathematics. Good ... » more

5.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 09/09/2015

Many voices and the thud of boots in the EU

In his speech on the state of the EU in Brussels today, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker severely criticised European discord on refugee policy. The liberal ... » more

6.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 28/07/2015

Old submarine still good for propaganda

A team of divers in Sweden discovered the wreckage of a Russian submarine on Monday. However it is not a new model but one that ... » more

7.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 27/06/2015

Terrorism a threat to Tunisia's fragile democracy

For Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began, the terrorist flare-up is a disaster, the liberal daily Sydsvenskan laments after Friday's attack in Sousse: "Terrorism is ... » more

8.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 11/05/2015

See Brexit option as a chance

The planned EU referendum in the UK is an opportunity to introduce vital reforms in the EU, the liberal daily Sydsvenskan observes: "The euro crisis ... » more

9.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 03/05/2015

Sweden no paradise of press freedom either

Sweden ranks fifth on this year's Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders. This good result shouldn't divert attention from the fact that press freedom ... » more

10.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 21/04/2015

Finns Party not a signal for Sweden

The liberal Centre Party won the parliamentary elections in Finland on Sunday. The right-wing populist Finns Party became the second strongest party in parliament and ... » more


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