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Sydsvenskan sees itself as an advocate of the region around Malmö in southern Sweden. It is one of the few Swedish newspapers to have published the notorious Muhammad cartoons. The paper belongs to the Bonnier group and until 1966 had close ties to the Conservative Party. Since 1966 it has described itself as "independently liberal".

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal
Circulation: 123,000
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Malmö, Sweden
Publisher: Bonnier
Area of distribution: Region Schonen, southern Sweden
Established: 1870

Krusegatan 19
S-205 05 Malmö
Phone: 0046-40-28 12 00

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1.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 14/04/2014

Germany's botched energy transition

A transition to alternative energies will have practically no negative repercussions for economic growth, the Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ... » more

2.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 01/04/2014

Climate change hits the poorest

At the end of their meeting in Yokohama, the scientists of the World Climate Council presented a report on Monday in which they warn of ... » more

3.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 21/02/2014

Start using Oresund Bridge's potential

Fourteen years after it was first opened, the Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden has failed to have the expected positive impact on cross-border cooperation ... » more

4.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 23/12/2013

Leftist violence no solution against Nazis

16,000 people demonstrated on Sunday in Stockholm's Kärrtorp district against the growing presence of neo-Nazis in Sweden. The daily Sydsvenskan welcomes the campaign but warns ... » more

5.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 27/11/2013

War correspondents have a moral duty

The two Swedish journalists Magnus Falkehed and Niclas Hammarström were apparently kidnapped in Syria on Saturday under circumstances described by Swedish Foreign Ministry as unclear. ... » more

6.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 11/09/2013

The future of the newspaper lies on the Web

A government-appointed commission in Sweden will present its proposals today for the reform of state aid to the press. The support system was introduced in ... » more

7.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 28/07/2013

Sweden needs UK in the EU

The British government last week presented the first six of 32 reports examining the distribution of power between Brussels and the member states in the ... » more

8.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 28/05/2013

Geneva conference is the only alternative

After the lifting of the arms embargo the independent daily Sydsvenskan sees the international conference in Geneva in June which the US and Russia are pushing ... » more

9.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 24/04/2013

Sweden right to fear Russia

Russian jets simulated an air strike against Sweden over the Easter holidays, while Sweden's fighter aircraft weren't even ready for action. When this was made ... » more

10.  Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 11/04/2013

Death penalty turns states into criminals

According to a report by the human rights organisation Amnesty International, 21 states applied the death penalty in the past year. The liberal daily Sydsvenskan ... » more


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