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Corriere della Sera

The newspaper was founded by Eugenio Torelli Viollier and between 1910 and 1930 became Italy's most widely distributed and influential independent daily. It still occupies this position today, although is has only a narrow lead over its rival, the left-liberal La Repubblica. In 2003 it received the European Newspaper Award. Since March 2010 the main shareholders of the publishing group (Mediobanca, Fiat and others) have also been members of its governing board, a post previously reserved for important figures from the cultural scene and society.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal conservative
Circulation: 455,000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Sunday

Location: Milan, Italy
Publisher: Rcs Quotidiani S.p.A.
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1876

Via Solferino 28
I-20121 Milan
Phone: 0039- 026339

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1.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 02/10/2014

US airstrikes not enough

Without support from trained troops on the ground the US's air strikes in Syria are almost pointless, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera criticises: "There's ... » more

2.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 19/09/2014

On course for a federalised kingdom

Despite their defeat in the referendum the Scottish separatists have emerged victorious, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera comments: "From today nothing is as it ... » more

3.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 15/09/2014

Merkel leads fight against anti-Semitism

Thousands of people demonstrated in Berlin against anti-Semitism in Germany on Sunday in reaction to the anti-Jewish comments the Gaza war has provoked. German Chancellor ... » more

4.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 12/09/2014

Catalans more adamant than the Scots

Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Barcelona on Catalonia's 300th National Day to demand that the independence referendum planned for November 9 ... » more

5.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 08/09/2014

UK sinks into oblivion

Scotland doesn't stand to gain much from independence, but for the UK it would be disastrous, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera warns: "Independence could ... » more

6.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 04/09/2014

Negotiating is better than threats

Negotiations are certainly a more sensible approach than threats, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera notes with reference to Putin's ceasefire plan: "The plan shows ... » more

7.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 29/08/2014

Frontex Plus won't help refugees either

The EU border protection agency Frontex has announced a new programme to help Italy with the task of rescuing refugees on the Mediterranean Sea. "Frontex ... » more

8.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 27/08/2014

Turkey's new leaders have enemies on all sides

Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will take over as prime minister once the president designate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is sworn into office on Thursday. Turkey ... » more

9.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 26/08/2014

Power pokering plunges France into crisis

A bitter power struggle is behind the current government crisis, former Le Monde editor Jean-Marie Colombani complains in the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera: "Montebourg's ... » more

10.  Corriere della Sera - Italy | 19/08/2014

Antonio Armellini on Germany's leading role in Europe

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier's efforts to mediate in the conflict in Iraq are proof of Germany's enhanced role in foreign policy, Italian diplomat Antonio ... » more


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