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Die Presse is one of Austria's oldest established newspapers. It began as a moderately conservative newspaper in the revolution year of 1848, sided with the opposition after the crushing of the revolution, was banned, re-launched and finally became what it is today: the paper of choice of Austria's educated class and civil servants. In 2004 the layout was changed. In recent times Die Presse has distanced itself from the People's Party ÖVP and opened itself up to a green readership, but it still maintains its Catholic orientation. The owner Styria Medien AG launched a Sunday edition, the Presse am Sonntag, in 2009.

Medium: daily
Political orientation: Liberal conservative
Circulation: 77,000 (2010)
Frequency of publication: Monday to Saturday, with own Sunday paper

Location: Vienna, Austria
Publisher: Styria Medien AG
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1848

Hainburger Straße 33
A-1030 Wien
Phone: 0043-1-51414-0

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1.  Die Presse - Austria | 23/09/2014

Germany has no business criticising France

Several politicians of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party used the occasion of French Prime Minister Manuel Valls' visit to Berlin on Monday to voice ... » more

2.  Die Presse - Austria | 15/09/2014

Muslim voices against IS lacking

After the murder of a third hostage by the IS the conservative daily Die Presse berates the lack of critical voices from representatives of Islam: ... » more

3.  Die Presse - Austria | 11/09/2014

Juncker a danger for EU's alpha wolves

Juncker has banished Germany and France to the second row and made it clear to the heads of state and government who the boss is, ... » more

4.  Die Presse - Austria | 09/09/2014

Royal embryo bears huge responsibility

Queen Elizabeth is to become great grandmother to another child. According to a statement by Buckingham Palace on Monday, Prince William and his wife Kate ... » more

5.  Die Presse - Austria | 04/09/2014

Moscow wants to "freeze" the conflict

Moscow's attempt to force Kiev to negotiate a peace agreement directly with the separatists is a tried and tested strategy by Russia, the liberal-conservative daily ... » more

6.  Die Presse - Austria | 01/09/2014

EU must not give in to Putin

In reaction to reports of armed Russian units in Ukraine the EU plans to decide on further economic sanctions against Russia within the next week. ... » more

7.  Die Presse - Austria | 21/08/2014

Don't follow Foley murder on Twitter

The video of the beheading of US journalist James Foley spread like wildfire on the social networks on Tuesday evening. The liberal-conservative daily Die Presse ... » more

8.  Die Presse - Austria | 20/08/2014

Time to monitor the Russia-Ukraine border

The lack of Ukrainian supervision of its border with Russia lessens the chances of peace, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse writes commenting on a Russian ... » more

9.  Die Presse - Austria | 14/08/2014

Hannes Adomeit counsels Russia against Soviet-style isolationism

The confrontation with the West in the context of the Ukraine crisis is taking Russia back to a Soviet-style planned economy, political scientist Hannes Adomeit ... » more

10.  Die Presse - Austria | 12/08/2014

Iraq needs Europe's commitment

Europe must show more commitment in Iraq, the conservative daily Die Presse urges: "Delivering weapons to the Peshmerga fighters, as Paris is considering but Berlin ... » more


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