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Vilniaus diena

When this regional paper for Vilnius was closed down as a result of the media crisis its website was all that was left. It belongs to Diena Media News, which also owns two other regional dailies. The company encountered major financial problems but since 2014 has a new shareholder who plans to give these media a new lease of life.

Medium: online portal
Political orientation: Liberal
Frequency of publication: Daily
Visits per month: 1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Online payment model: All content free of charge

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Publisher: UAB Diena Media News
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 2009

I.Kanto g. 18, 44296 Kaunas
Phone: 00370 37 30 22 50

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1.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 05/08/2015

Refugee crisis: Til Schweiger is right

The German actor Til Schweiger announced on the weekend that he wanted to build a reception centre for refugees in Lower Saxony - 'a showpiece ... » more

2.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 01/10/2013

Obama can't ignore Israel's nuclear weapons

At a meeting with US President Barack Obama on Monday in Washington Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed for a hard line in the nuclear ... » more

3.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 12/09/2013

Lithuania ignores Tibet despite its own past

After his trip to Latvia the Dalai Lama arrived in Lithuania on Wednesday. But Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius explained right at the start of the ... » more

4.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 26/02/2013

Lithuania fights police bribery

In Lithuania 114 attempts to bribe police officers have been registered since the start of the year. Only 69 cases of attempted bribery came to ... » more

5.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 21/01/2013

Prisons ruining Lithuania's reputation

A court in Belfast ruled last week that the Irish terrorist Liam Campbell, who is wanted in Lithuania over allegations of weapons smuggling, will not ... » more

6.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 24/10/2012

Karolis Urbonas on the separatism of rich regions

The separatist trends in today's Europe are a source of concern for Karolis Urbonas of Vilnius' Social Dynamics International institute. In the daily newspaper Vilniaus ... » more

7.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 09/10/2012

Lithuania's politicians clueless on foreign policy

The Lithuanians will elect a new parliament on Sunday. But foreign policy has only played a minor role in campaigning, the daily Vilniaus diena writes, ... » more

8.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 27/09/2012

The choice between two evils

The Georgians are faced with the choice between a rock and a hard place in the parliamentary elections on Monday, the daily Vilniaus diena laments: ... » more

9.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 02/08/2012

Karolis Urbonas on Japan as a model for Europe

Japan has long years of experience in fighting a serious financial crisis, but Europe still won't learn its lesson from this, laments Karolis Urbonas of ... » more

10.  Vilniaus diena - Lithuania | 17/07/2012

Syria must not become second Iraq

Against the backdrop of continued fighting in Syria and the failed attempts at mediation in Russia and China the daily Vilniaus diena warns of a ... » more


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