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De Groene Amsterdammer

De Groene Amsterdammer was established in 1877 as the country's first independent magazine for debates. It was banned during World War II. Its main focuses are international politics, culture and philosophy. It is seen as a mouthpiece for left-wing intellectuals mainly based in Amsterdam.

Medium: magazine
Political orientation: Left-wing
Circulation: 19,000 (2014)
Frequency of publication: Weekly on Wednesdays
Online payment model: Some content subject to a charge

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Publisher: NV De Groene Amsterdammer
Area of distribution: Nationwide
Established: 1877

Singel 464, 1017 AW Amsterdam
Phone: 0031 20 5245524
Twitter: @degroene

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1.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 14/06/2013

Journalists must clarify economists' stances

In the debate over solutions to the crisis, economic reporters should do a better job of putting the various positions into perspective, the left-liberal weekly ... » more

2.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 27/03/2013

The ill-fated euro is on its last legs

The bailout plan for Cyprus is the final act in the drama of the ill-fated monetary union, economist and columnist Ewald Engelen predicts in the ... » more

3.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 27/02/2013

The Netherlands another sick man of Europe

The Netherlands is experiencing a deep recession, with rising unemployment and companies going bankrupt. But a change in the country's economic policy is unlikely for ... » more

4.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 07/02/2013

SNS scandal erodes social solidarity

After the nationalisation of the SNS Bank, anger is growing in the Netherlands over the high salaries and bonuses of the former bankers. What's at ... » more

5.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 05/10/2012

Romney panders to homesick voters

If the Republican Mitt Romney has good chances of winning the US presidential race it's because he panders to all those unwilling to accept that ... » more

6.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 26/09/2012

Europe's foreign ministers lack a plan

Together with ten of his EU colleagues the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle last week presented a paper outlining a "New Vision of Europe". It ... » more

7.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 03/08/2012

Frank de Vree on the power of ominous crisis rhetoric

For two years now politicians, the media and economists have been warning of the collapse of the euro. But how bad is the situation in ... » more

8.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 04/06/2012

"The Intouchables": A dream of harmony

The film The Intouchables has now become the most successful French movie ever in several European countries. This is because people in Europe yearn for ... » more

9.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 09/11/2011

Aukje van Roessel sees Europe's democracy in distress

The euro crisis is a crisis of democracy, writes journalist Aukje van Roessel in the left-leaning weekly De Groene Amsterdammer, commenting on the cancelled plans ... » more

10.  De Groene Amsterdammer - Netherlands | 25/07/2011

Right-wing populists incite attacks

In the 'manifesto' he published on the Internet the confessed attacker Anders Behring Breivik describes himself as a modern-day Knight Templar in the battle against ... » more


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