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1.  Protagon - Greece | 22/06/2015

Reform plans save Athens from catastrophe

Shortly before the emergency summit in Brussels on Monday Athens presented new reform proposals that were generally well received. Although the proposals will mean more ... » more

2.  Protagon - Greece | 29/04/2015

Referendum in Greece would be disastrous

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised interview on Monday that he was confident that an agreement would soon be reached on more ... » more

3.  Protagon - Greece | 27/03/2015

Perhaps the spirit of the times is to blame

The web portal Protagon speculates on the co-pilot's motives for deliberately crashing Germanwings flight 4U 9525: "If the pilot didn't leave a farewell letter we ... » more

4.  Protagon - Greece | 11/02/2015

Tsipras must not be trusted unconditionally

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras passed a vote of confidence on Tuesday night, securing approval for his anti-austerity policy in advance of the Euro Group ... » more

5.  Protagon - Greece | 08/12/2014

Panicking hedge funds give Greece hope

If some hedge fund representatives are panicking at the prospect of the left-wing alliance Syriza winning the elections in Greece this can only be good ... » more

6.  Protagon - Greece | 19/11/2014

Art a bridge between Germans and Greeks

The next edition of Documenta, one of the world's most important exhibitions of contemporary art, is planned to take place in Athens as well as ... » more

7.  Protagon - Greece | 02/10/2014

Vote of confidence won't help Samaras

The Greek government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras plans to seek a vote of confidence next Monday. The move is a reaction to the ... » more

8.  Protagon - Greece | 11/08/2014

Kos needs doctors, not helicopters

The hospital on the island of Kos - birthplace of the father of medicine Hippocrates - is only offering limited services because it is understaffed ... » more

9.  Protagon - Greece | 25/07/2014

Poverty can be fatal in Greece

A seriously ill 56-year-old woman died in Chania on Crete on Wednesday after the state-run electricity company DEI switched off her power supply because she ... » more

10.  Protagon - Greece | 05/06/2014

Political standstill a respite for Greeks

The Greek government closed the parliament for the summer holidays a month earlier than planned on Wednesday. Prior to this surprise move the parliament had ... » more


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