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1.  Protagon - Greece | 15/04/2014

European elections: Greek MEPs not up to much

Journalist Kostas Giannakidis of the web portal Protagon attended a sitting in the final week of plenary session debates in the European Parliament before the ... » more

2.  Protagon - Greece | 27/03/2014

Private military firms operating in Europe

According to media reports, the US private security and military firm Greystone Limited has been put in charge of containing the unrest in eastern regions ... » more

3.  Protagon - Greece | 18/03/2014

Air travel remains a game of hit and miss

Ten days after the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, 26 nations have now joined ... » more

4.  Protagon - Greece | 13/03/2014

European citizens' initiatives affect everyone

The European Citizens' Initiative for Media Pluralism is gathering signatures for a new legislative instrument aimed at protecting the freedom of the media. The web ... » more

5.  Protagon - Greece | 12/02/2014

Inhabitants indifferent to Cyprus problem

At a meeting on Tuesday, delegates of the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots agreed on further steps towards the reunification of the country. Their plan ... » more

6.  Protagon - Greece | 08/01/2014

Greek prisoners have right to prison leave

One of Greece's most dangerous terrorists, Christodoulos Xiros, went into hiding on Monday during his prison leave. Xiros belonged to the terrorist group 17 November, ... » more

7.  Protagon - Greece | 21/12/2013

Greek police treat migrants sadistically

The Greek police chief Nikos Papagiannopoulos said at a recent police gathering that migrants without papers should be held in custody for as long as ... » more

8.  Protagon - Greece | 11/12/2013

Greece need not fear Soros' donations

In the northern Greek city of Naoussa, the parents' association of the schools has rejected a donation of heating oil from the Open Society Foundation ... » more

9.  Protagon - Greece | 04/11/2013

Absurd fears of civil war in Greece

After two members of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party were shot dead in Athens on Friday, fears of an escalation in politically motivated violence are ... » more

10.  Protagon - Greece | 16/09/2013

Greek neo-Nazis fabricate their enemies

Members of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn attacked supporters of the communists with iron bars and baseball bats as they were hanging up posters in ... » more


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