Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Monday, October 6, 2008

Slovak-Hungarian tension

Relations between Hungary and Slovakia are very tense at present. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet expresses concern about the treatment the Hungarian minority receives in Slovakia. "Slovakia has taken the wrong direction. The country has elevated anti-Hungarian sentiment to a state policy. For his part, every time someone brings up the subject of radical statements [against Hungary] Prime Minister Robert Fico hastily points his finger at his coalition partner, Ján Slota, and his Slovak National Party (SNS). Judging by the public discourse in Slovakia you would think the Hungarians living there were the cause of all evils. The Hungarian minority in Slovakia is accused of representing Hungary's interests, undermining Slovakia's stability and hatching plans to snatch southern Slovakia, which shares a border with Hungary, away from the country. They are regarded as suspect and dangerous. And they are [treated like] second-class citizens who are worth less than the pure-blooded Slovaks. ... The Slovak economy is thriving. ... But its society is being radicalised from the centre in Bratislava."

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