Kapital - Bulgaria | Friday, January 7, 2011

Defamation law endangers media freedom

Bulgaria's ruling party Gerb plans to introduce tougher legislation protecting against defamation. The weekly Kapital fears an attack on media freedom: "When Bulgarian politicians come under attack from the general public they sometimes become strangely sensitive instead of opening themselves and tolerating criticism. The media annoy them and they seek ways of protecting themselves. So MP Gerb Krasimir Velchev came up with the idea of working out a special law under which defamation can be punished more frequently and more harshly. … And this although protection against defamation is already regulated in Bulgaria, and it works, albeit rather slowly. To make it more effective one could on the one hand encourage more people to take such matters to court - anyone who feels he has been slandered should make use of his rights. … On the other hand politicians could try to ensure more transparency regarding ownership in the media and that they are financed with clean money. Anything else would be to hit the wrong note in a mediocre political operetta."

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