Radikal - Turkey | 16/04/2015

Ankara censors Istanbul Film Festival

Dozens of filmmakers have withdrawn their films from the Istanbul Film Festival after the Turkish Ministry of Culture banned the screening of the documentary Bakur on Sunday. The film deals with the everyday life of fighters of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). According to Ankara the film hadn't received official approval from the authorities, but the liberal online paper Radikal writes that this is just a pretext for censorship: "When you want to show a documentary that explains the organisation [PKK], it's called dirty propaganda. But when the government negotiates with the organisation it's called a peace process. ... Now the government is pointing a finger at the cultural foundation İKSV, which organises the festival, because the foundation represents a mentality and view of the world that it can't reach. ... The new Turkey was supposed to be established on the basis of culture and art. Mind-expanding. Inspiring. Encouraging. But not intimidating, imprisoning, banning, attacking and lynching." (16/04/2015)

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