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Respekt - Czech Republic | 29/09/2014

White shirts a must in Czech election campaign

All over the Czech Republic election posters have been put up announcing the local elections that take place in mid-October. Although they don't provide a wealth of information the posters do herald a new trend, the liberal weekly paper Respekt writes: "In 2006 men in suits and ties gazed out at us from the posters. Four years later they had all shed their ties, demonstrating a certain relaxed savoir faire. Then in 2013 came the Ano movement of multi-billionaire Andrej Babiš, who posed not only without a tie but also without a jacket. Just a simple white shirt. The message to voters was clear: with their spotless white shirts the party's members are as pure as the driven snow. Now everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon according to the motto: use the word 'change' and wear a white shirt and victory is yours. But a joke tends to wear thin when it's repeated too often. And besides: if our country's in such a bad way, it's not the fault of the jackets." (29/09/2014)

Irish Independent - Ireland | 23/09/2014

Rural Ireland celebrates itself

In the National Ploughing Championship kicking off on Tuesday in the Irish town of Stradbally, not only farmers compete against each other but also sheepdogs, bread bakers and mast climbers. The conservative Irish Independent welcomes the three-day trade fair as a sign of rural Ireland's vitality: "At a time when villages and towns are under threat as never before, denuded of their populations by emigration and the flight to the cities and lamenting the closure of local services like post offices and Garda stations and even pubs, the National Ploughing Championship is an example of how rural Ireland remains vibrantly alive. … Farmers and their families will come to Stradbally in Co Laois to meet up with old friends, to look over the developments and innovations and to celebrate a true indigenous industry, agriculture." (23/09/2014)

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