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Novi List - Croatia | 28/07/2014

Ban on swearing tames even Putin

Public swearing has been banned in Russia since July 1, and is punishable with a fine. News of this great civilising step has been overlooked with the start of the conflict in Ukraine and the downing of MH17, the left-liberal daily Novi List laments: "The practical implications are clear. Formerly Putin would have cursed the idiot who confused a passenger jet with a Ukrainian transport plane to high heaven before sending him to Siberia, where he'd never be seen - let alone interrogated - again. But in view of the swearing ban Putin simply stated grumpily that 'everything must be done to guarantee the safety of the international investigators at the site of the tragedy.' ... Because swearing can cost you a pretty penny. Individuals must fork over the equivalent of 60 to 80 dollars, companies 1,300 to 1,700. That's right, in Russia even companies and institutes swear." (28/07/2014)

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