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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 27/06/2014

Berlin becomes bungling capital

Reports on fresh problems and delays in the construction of Berlin's new airport are a regular feature in German media. On Thursday the CEO of the state-owned company that will operate Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER), Hartmut Mehdorn, asked for an additional 1.1 billion euros from the state for its completion. Even fans of Berlin have had enough of the whole thing, the daily Tages-Anzeiger comments irritably: "Although at first people thought the airport debacle was funny, now it's become annoying to always have to land at antiquated Tegel Airport. So Berlin's image has gone from that of a cool metropolis to that of a bungling capital. ... 'Poor but sexy' was how Berlin's long-standing Mayor Klaus Wowereit described his city. The message was that creativity and a laissez-faire attitude are more important than traditional German virtues like diligence and meticulousness. ... German President Christian Wulff was forced to step down for accepting an invitation to stay in a hotel worth a few hundred euros. Wowereit is partly responsible for this fiasco that is costing billions - he has been the chairman of the airport's supervisory board for years. But will he assume political responsibility? No way! We are in Berlin after all." (27/06/2014)

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