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Tvnet - Latvia | 15/10/2014

Talking bins help Latvians sort their waste

To motivate Latvians to separate their waste, the operators of the national waste sorting system have installed talking waste bins in the centre of Riga that thank people for separating their rubbish and putting it in the right bin. The Internet portal TVnet is thrilled: "Within two days 275 kilos of glass and plastic bottles were collected. That's three and a half times the average amount. For the Latvians, sorting glass and plastic on a day-to-day basis is like a small act of heroism. After all, it's a lot simpler to just toss everything into the same bin. Although we all know how important it is to separate waste, we often don't do it in practice because it's too time-consuming or inconvenient. That's why the talking waste bins thank people who have overcome these small obstacles and their own inner resistance and tossed their empty bottles into the right container." (15/10/2014)

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