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Webcafé - Bulgaria | 06/08/2014

Bulgaria can only compare itself with Serbia

The Bulgarians like to compare themselves with their Balkan neighbours. But that's not as easy as one might think, the online portal Webcafé writes tongue-in-cheek: "There's no way we can compare ourselves with the Greeks, what with their impressive, antique culture, their incomprehensible language and their Mediterranean shrewdness. The Romanians have always been uninteresting - boring even. ... And let's not beat around the bush, Macedonia has always been 'Bulgaria Minor'. ... Turkey is Turkey. Life's good there, but - well - Muslim. Istanbul, Antalya, hats off to you, but don't say it too loud! Praising the Turks is not the done thing. Yes, they have delicious sweets - yummy - but as far as human rights go, forget it! So in fact there's only one country we can compare ourselves with: ... Serbia. As we never tire of saying, it messed things up with one stupid war and for that reason - unlike us - isn't in the EU. In fact it's the only neighbour regarding which we can ask the typical Balkan question. 'Are they better off than us, or are we better off than them?" (06/08/2014)

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