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  Islamist Terror

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Two suspected IS terrorists who grew up in Britain are to go on trial in the US. Contrary to expectations London has sought no assurances that Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, known as the Islamic State "Beatles", will not receive the death penalty. British media are angered by the government's stance.

After the terrorist attack in New York that left eight dead and eleven wounded, US President Trump wants to tighten immigration restrictions and abolish the green card lottery and has demanded the death penalty for the self-confessed attacker. Commentators accuse the president of double standards and voice fears that lone wolf terrorist attacks are impossible to prevent.

At least ten people, most of them tourists, died in a suicide attack near Istanbul's Hagia Sophia museum on Tuesday. The Turkish government has blamed the IS for the bombing. Europe's press discusses the causes and potential consequences of the attack.

The investigations are in full swing following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. France's air force has launched large-scale attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria, where according to government sources the attacks were planned. Increased surveillance and far more resolute military intervention are called for, some commentators write. Others doubt that radical Islamist ideology can be defeated by a war.

Public life has ground to a halt in Brussels after the city was put on the highest terror alert on Saturday. Sixteen people were arrested in raids on Sunday night. The Belgian government is doing the right thing by taking no chances, some commentators write. Others lament that the terrorists have achieved their goal of spreading a climate of fear and panic.

Special units have arrested several suspects in the course of large-scale raids in the Brussels district of Molenbeek. A trail left by the Paris attackers leads to this neighbourhood which is considered a hub for Islamists. Some commentators call for a clampdown on milieus that turn young people into killing machines. Others call on Muslims to do more to distance themselves from radical ideologies.

The British government has said it is highly likely that the crash of the Russian passenger plane on the Sinai Peninsula was caused by a bomb. While the US has said it also believes this is a possibility, Russia has rejected the assessment. The dead are now becoming the victims of a propaganda war between the two powers, some commentators write in outrage. Others speculate on the consequences if the theory of an IS attack proves true.

Twelve people were killed on Wednesday in Paris in a terrorist attack on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Four more are in critical condition. The attack, which is presumed to have Islamist motives, will fuel hatred against European Muslims, some commentators fear. Others urge Europe to maintain a critical - and satirical - view of Islam.