How is integration working out in Britain?

The British government has for the first time published a large-scale study on integration and equal opportunities. According to the report, members of minorities have a harder time on the job market than others, and Pakistani women in Britain live in a parallel world. For British commentators the study proves that the economy must be a driving force for integration.

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The Daily Telegraph (GB) /

The liberating effects of capitalism

The majority of immigrants in Britain are making the most of the advantages of the free market, the Daily Telegraph writes in delight:

“As for a sense of belonging, it is remarkable how relatively integrated British society is. The proportion of people who say they 'strongly belong to Britain' is almost identical across all ethnic groups: 81 per cent of black Britons, 84 per cent of Asians and 85 per cent of whites. Britain is doing much better than many of our European neighbours. ... The way the Conservatives should look at this is as proof that the democratic capitalist system, far from being oppressive, is hugely liberating for everyone, including immigrants.”

The Independent (GB) /

Combat discrimination effectively

Presenting facts and figures won't be enough to combat the disadvantages migrants face, the Independent admonishes:

“There is still much to find out about the way race dictates people's lives in contemporary Britain. ... It is not too early to consider, in the context of these findings, measures such as positive discrimination, tougher sanctions on employers who operate unfair practices, or shifting the burden of proof onto companies and public bodies to show that they are not discriminatory. Burning injustices will not be extinguished merely by spraying them with official stats.”