Who is to blame for the "dock of shame" on the Canaries?

Like other islands on the EU's external border, the Canary Islands are now also turning into a migration hotspot: more and more people are arriving there from the coast of Africa, and the local authorities are having trouble coping. Some 2,000 refugees are crowded together at the Arguineguín port in Gran Canaria. Many of them sleep on the ground and are given nothing to eat but sandwiches. Local residents and the media have dubbed the area where the migrants are gathered the "dock of shame".

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El País (ES) /

Our system of values is being damaged

This tragic situation is the result of inhumane decisions taken far away from the events in Madrid and Brussels, El País complains:

“The government refuses to redirect migrants to the mainland, where some of them could easily be accommodated in existing facilities. Europe also strictly refuses to send them to the mainland because this would mean accepting that they would move across the continent. ... What can be proven is the inhumane treatment of those who arrive and the damage to Spanish and European values.”

El Mundo (ES) /

Madrid must demand a solution in Brussels

The Canary Islands are being left in the lurch by the Spanish government, El Mundo fumes:

“The minister of the interior, irresponsibly and inexplicably, is not using the resources and personnel available to a country like Spain to deal with the migratory pressure registered on a daily basis on the islands. Added to this is the obvious inability of [Prime Minister] Sánchez to persuade the EU authorities to find a solution to this crisis which affects the entire EU. We are now feeling the consequences of the lack of a common, solid and adequately funded strategy.”