De Morgen

ежедневная газета

De Morgen is a left-wing quality paper based in Flanders which developed from socialist party papers in 1978. The paper struggled financially and had to be rescued by its readers several times until it was acquired by De Persgroep publishing group in 1989. Under the leadership of former editor-in-chief Yves Desmet it made a name for itself as a fresher alternative to the other Flemish quality papers. It has received several awards for its design. Its columnists include politicians and authors.

политическая направленность левая
тираж 53.000 (2013)
периодичность с понедельника по субботу
виды электронных платежей частично платный контент
офис редакции Brüssel, Бельгия
издатель / издательство De Persgroep
география распространения региональный
год основания 1978
адрес Brusselsesteenweg 347, 1730 Asse (Kobbegem)
телефон 0032 24 54 22 11
Twitter @demorgen

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