Il Sole 24 Ore

ежедневная газета

One of Italy's highest circulation newspapers, Il Sole 24 Ore focuses on business, politics and commercial and industrial law. It also publishes stock market data and expert opinions on international financial markets. Culture and cultural policy are another focus area, to which the paper's Sunday supplement is dedicated. La Stampa is regarded as the country's most politically independent newspaper despite the fact that the powerful Italian employers' federation Confindustria owns it. In 2016 Il Sole 24 Ore was in the red to the tune of 50 million euros. The president of the group, Giorgi Squinzi, and four members of the supervisory board resigned.

политическая направленность экономически либеральная
тираж 234.000 (2014)
периодичность со вторника по воскресенье
виды электронных платежей частично платный контент
офис редакции Mailand, Италия
издатель / издательство Gruppo 24 Ore / Il Sole 24 Ore S.p.A. / Confindustria
география распространения общенациональный
год основания 1965
адрес Via Monte Rosa 91, 20141 Mailand
телефон 0039 02 30 22 1
Twitter @sole24ore

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