Jurnalul National

ежедневная газета


Jurnalul National was founded in 1993 by the two journalists Marius Tuca and Dan Diaconescu, who are now well-known media entrepreneurs in Romania. The newspaper's political commentaries are partially provided by members of the "nomenklatura", people who held key administrative positions in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. In 1995 the publication passed into the ownership of the Intact Media Group, which belongs to the family of Dan Voiculescu, a controversial businessman and former high-ranking politician. He has been in prison since the summer of 2014 after being convicted of money laundering and fraud. The paper represents the interests of its owner, Voiculescu.

тираж 8.400 (2014)
периодичность с понедельника по пятницу
количество просмотров < 500.000
виды электронных платежей бесплатный контент
офис редакции Bukarest, Румыния
издатель / издательство Intact Publishing (Intact Media Group)
география распространения общенациональный
год основания 1993
адрес Bd. Ficusului nr. 44A, etaj 4, corp B, sector 1, Bucuresti
телефон 0040 21 30 19 75 7
E-Mail dan.constantin@jurnalul.ro
Twitter @jurnalul_n