Proto Thema

еженедельная газета

Proto Thema is Greece's most widely read Sunday paper. It is owned by journalist Themos Anastasiadis, who went on trial on charges of data protection violations but was acquitted. The newspaper has been accused of trying to improve the image of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party because in recent years it has published several articles that depict the party leadership and members as bourgeois citizens.

политическая направленность либеральная
тираж 124.000 (2014)
периодичность еженедельно в воскресенье
виды электронных платежей бесплатный контент
офис редакции Athen, Греция
издатель / издательство Proto Thema AE
география распространения общенациональный
год основания 2005
адрес Agrafon 5, 15123 Marousi, Athen
телефон 0030 21 06 88 07 00
Twitter @protothema