The Independent


Founded in 1986 the centre-left paper quickly established itself as one of Britain's leading quality newspapers. The opinion section, particulaly online, is impressively diverse. After falling into financial difficulties the paper was bought by Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev in 2010. Print circulation dropped more than half between 2010 and 2014. Its circulation dropped dramatically over several years and since March 2016 only the online version of The Independent is still available.

политическая направленность леволиберальная
тираж 63.000 (2014)
периодичность обновляется регулярно
количество просмотров 50.000.000 – 100.000.000
виды электронных платежей бесплатный контент
офис редакции London, Великобритания
издатель / издательство Independent Print Ltd
география распространения общенациональный
год основания 1986
адрес 2 Derry Street, London, W8 5HF
телефон 0044 20 7005 2000
Twitter @Independent

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