ежедневная газета


Dimokratia is a newspaper that has been published in Greece since the start of the crisis. It represents strictly conservative and patriotic opinions and has no qualms about depicting the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in a favourable light. It has a strong focus on social and national issues, such as relations between Greece and its neighbouring countries.

политическая направленность консервативная
тираж 10,160 (2016)
периодичность ежедневно
виды электронных платежей бесплатный контент
офис редакции Athens, Греция
издатель / издательство Dimokratikos Typos
география распространения общенациональный
год основания 2010
адрес Eratosthenous 1, 11635, Athen
телефон 0030 21 30 17 04 00
E-Mail dimokratia@dimokratianews.gr
Twitter @DimokratiaNews