The trial of 17 employees of the daily paper Cumhuriyet begins today, Monday, in Istanbul. Among other charges they are accused of supporting the PKK and the Gülen movement, which are viewed as terrorist organisations in Turkey. Commentators in Europe see the charges as absurd and explain why the judiciary in Turkey has resorted to such accusations.

The German government is planning a "reorientation" of its relations with Ankara in response to the arrest of human rights activists in Turkey. The government has changed its advice for those wishing to travel to the country and cooperation on armament as well as loans and investments are to be revised. Europe's papers examine the interests behind this change in tone.

The Catalan government wants to hold a referendum on independence on October 1 despite the fact that Spain's Constitutional Court has ruled that such a vote is illegal. The media take a look at the risks this entails.

Clashes over security measures at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem have claimed at least eight lives. Israel introduced checkpoints with metal detectors at the entrances to the Muslim holy site after a fatal attack on police officers. In response, Palestinian President Abbas has frozen all contact with Israel. Commentators take stock of the potential repercussions of the conflict.

Thousands of people once again demonstrated against the judicial reforms in Poland on the weekend. They hope President Duda will refuse to sign the new laws - as he himself announced he would do on Monday morning. Polish media are struck by the number of young people among the demonstrators but take widely differing views of the protest movement.

The German car giants Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Daimler reached illegal agreements at secret meetings, German news magazine Der Spiegel reports. Among other things the carmakers agreed to use only small tanks for treating emissions in their diesel vehicles - thus creating the backdrop for the recent diesel scandal. What do these revelations mean for Germany's beloved car industry?

The European Commission plans to take action against the judicial reforms which the Polish parliament continued on Thursday by passing another new law. Another infringement proceeding is to be added to the 122 already pending against Warsaw. EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermanns also threatened to trigger Article 7 of the Lisbon treaty and strip Poland of its voting rights in the EU. Europe's press examines the potential impact of such a move.

In a move that has triggered widespread consternation Donetsk rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko on Tuesday proclaimed the new state of Malorossiya, or "Little Russia". Allied rebels in Luhansk have distanced themselves from the initiative while Moscow registered surprise. How does the press view Zakharchenko's move?

In the dispute over Macron's austerity plans for the army, Pierre de Villiers has stepped down as France's chief of staff. The general believes the country's security is in danger and has sharply criticised planned cuts to the tune of 850 million euros - prompting Macron to demand "a sense of duty and discretion". A highly revealing power struggle, the press concludes.

The criminal tentacles of the organisation dubbed the "Mafia Capitale" reportedly reached into every department of Rome's City Hall and secured lucrative public contracts. Now a Rome court has pronounced judgement on the affair and given the leaders of the network lengthy prison sentences. The judges, however, rejected the claims that the network was a mafia organisation. Italy's press is only partially satisfied.

The arrest of ten human rights activists in Turkey two weeks ago has seen tensions between Ankara and the EU spike. Six of them are now in custody, including the director of Amnesty International Turkey and a German and a Swedish advisor. Europe's press discusses the political context and potential reactions.

Greece aims to issue government bonds for the first time since 2014. EU representatives are demanding that the country perform a test run on the financial markets and develop a strategy for exiting the euro bailout mechanism. Greek journalists warn against the move.

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