British Prime Minster Theresa May has signed the letter invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. The letter will be delivered to EU Council President Donald Tusk today. Now the dangerous jump into the unknown has begun, some commentators affirm. Others see Brexit as a chance to restructure the EU's international relations.

The parliament in Edinburgh has approved First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's plan for a new referendum on Scottish independence. According to the plan London should allow the people of Scotland to hold a new referendum before Brexit, meaning at the latest in March 2019. The press shows understanding for the Scots' rekindled desire for independence.

Donald Trump has signed an order aimed at reversing the US's climate policy. He wants to gradually dismantle the 2015 Clean Power Plan with which Obama wanted to cut the CO2 emissions of coal-fired power plants. How disastrous will the impact of this departure from international climate protection targets be?

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome the leaders of 27 EU member states - without the UK - have signed the "Declaration of Rome", pledging their continued commitment to upholding the unity and common values of the community. Commentators warn that simply making pledges won't be enough to get the EU back on its feet.

For the first time in years thousands of predominantly young people have taken to the streets of numerous cities to demonstrate against corruption in Russia. The police arrested a large number of demonstrators. Some journalists see first signs of a change of regime in the autocratic state. Others predict that Putin will clamp down on dissent to secure his hold on power.

After their clear victory in the Saaarland state election the conservatives are discussing a continuation of the grand coalition with the Social Democrats. Commentators assess what the election results in in one of Germany's smallest states augur for the German parliamentary elections this autumn.

The Republicans withdrew the health bill they had drafted to replace Obamacare shortly before it was put to vote in the House of Representatives. The party's right-wing refused to give its backing, leaving the GOP unable to honour its key campaign pledge. Commentators are not surprised by this crushing defeat.

The pro-Western, conservative Gerb party won Sunday's early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria, taking the lead against the pro-Russian Socialists. With this outcome it is highly likely that Boyko Borisov will become prime minister for the third time. Commentators explain why the Bulgarians put their trust in Borisov despite all his shortcomings rather than in the Eurosceptic parties.

Less than a month before the French presidential election Russian President Vladimir Putin has received Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, in Moscow. This was the first face-to-face meeting between the two. Commentators discuss what strategy Putin is following with the meeting.

With just under four weeks to go before the presidential election in France the independent candidate Emmanuel Macron is ahead of Front National leader Marine Le Pen in almost all the polls. The traditional Socialist and conservative parties that have governed France since the start of the 5th Republic are lagging far behind. But the race is far from over yet, commentators stress.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has threatened to block the joint declaration of the EU states at the anniversary summit in Rome even though the text has already been approved by all governments. She demands among other things that greater emphasis be placed on the unity of the EU in the text. The Polish press is annoyed that Warsaw is once again seeking to torpedo EU policy for domestic reasons.

The IS has claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack in London and police have identified the man who drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed a policeman. Europe's press praises the calm reaction of the British public and warns against blaming religion for terrorism.

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