Diário de Notícias

Daily newspaper


Diário de Notícias was founded in Lisbon in 1864 and quickly grew into a mass-circulation newspaper. During the country's almost 50 years of dictatorship (1926-1974) it was regarded as the regime's inofficial press organ. After the Carnation Revolution Diário was nationalised and was pro-communist for a long time until its re-privatisation in 1991. Today, despite restructuring and a dwindling circulation this liberal-conservative paper is still one of Portugal's leading newspapers. With 12 million visits per month its online version is the third most popular among the traditional daily newspaper websites (maintaining a slight lead against its rival Público).

Political orientation Liberal-conservative
Circulation 23,500 (2017)
Frequency of publication Daily
Visits 10.000.000 – 20.000.000
Online payment model All content for free
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Publisher Global Media Group (Controlinveste)
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1864
Address Rua Tomás da Fonseca, Torre E, 3º Piso, 1600-209 Lissabon
Phone 00351 21 318 75 00
Email dnot@dn.pt
Twitter @dntwit