The Fridays for Future movement has called a global climate strike for this Friday. Greta Thunberg will take part in the march in New York, where the UN Climate Change Summit will kick off on Monday. Less consumption or more capitalism? Radical action or peaceful protest? Europe's journalists puzzle over how to go about saving the planet.

The New Yorker has published a highly controversial essay on climate change by US author Jonathan Franzen. In the piece Franzen calls on humanity to prepare for the consequences of climate change, which he says can no longer be prevented. Not all commentators agree.

After months of wrangling the European Council and EU Parliament have agreed to back Laura Kövesi as the head of the new European Public Prosecutor's Office. The decision is seen as a serious blow for the Romanian government, which has done its utmost to stop Kövesi from securing the post. The reactions in Romania's media are divided.

Many Russians have reacted to the conviction of actor Pavel Ustinov with a wave of solidarity and new protests. Ustinov was sentenced to three years in prison in Russia for resisting arrest, even though he was talking on his phone when a member of the National Guard dislocated his shoulder during the arrest. Is Russia's civil society gaining newfound strength?

According to a ruling by the Social and Economic Council (SER), the country's most important body representing employers, trade unions and independent experts, large companies in the Netherlands must introduce a women's quota. 30 percent of all the posts on supervisory boards are to go to female members - a controversial decision.

After several months of fruitless attempts to form a new government Spain is facing its fourth elections in four years. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of the socialist party PSOE was unable to reach an agreement with either the left-wing Podemos or the centre-right Ciudadanos. Commentators are dismayed by the deadlock and make suggestions as to how it can be overcome.

Apple and the European Commission are sparring over 13 billion euros in back taxes at the General Court in Luxembourg this week. The EU wants Ireland to demand that the company pay it this sum on the grounds that it granted Apple illegal preferential treatment. Commentators in Ireland are at odds over the issue.

After the snap election in Israel early results point to a deadlock between Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud party and his challenger Benny Gantz's Blue and White Party - meaning that the formation of a government will be just as difficult as it was after the last elections in April. But Netanyahu's position is weaker than it was the last time round, commentators say.

After the drone attacks on two oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has put the blame on Iran. Tehran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Riyadh also insists that Iran was behind the strikes. Commentators also speculate on who was responsible.

Italy's former prime minister Matteo Renzi has announced he is quitting the Democratic Party (PD) to found a new movement. He said he hopes to support the young M5S-PD government with a new faction in parliament. Commentators are critical of the move.

In an interview with a French radio station Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who has been living in Russian exile since 2013, has said he would like France to grant him political asylum. The former CIA employee is wanted in the US for espionage and other crimes. French commentators plead his case.

A newly opened store of the Russian fashion label Black Star Wear has caused a stir in the Latvian capital Riga. The brand's clothing, featuring images of Putin, camouflage patterns and Kalashnikov rifles, is very popular in Russia. Rapper Timati, who owns the company, is a huge fan of Vladimir Putin's and often appears in his company. But the store is less of a hit in Latvia for precisely that reason.

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