Britain will elect a new House of Commons tomorrow, Thursday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson called a snap election in October after parliament rejected his Brexit schedule. Although a majority of the people say they don't trust Johnson he is ahead of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the polls. Europe's media discuss whether he has enough support to secure an election victory.

As the UN climate conference takes place in Madrid EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is due to present a package of measures aimed at making Europe more climate-friendly in the fields of energy, industry, transport and agriculture today. The goal of the package is to ensure net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for the EU by 2050. Commentators discuss how Europe can play a pioneering role in climate protection.

The Democrats have presented the charges necessary for impeachment: President Trump must answer for abuse of power and obstruction of Parliament's investigation. He is said to have urged Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son. Commentators doubt the chances of success of an impeachment.

The EU member states have declared the military agreement signed between Libya and Turkey at the end of November to be null and void. Among other things the agreement redefined the maritime border between Crete and Cyprus, where natural gas reserves are located. In the meantime Erdoğan has stressed Turkey's willingness to send troops to Libya to support the internationally recognised government. Journalists criticise Ankara's actions.

Moscow and Kiev aim to achieve a complete ceasefire in eastern Ukraine by the end of the year. In addition, Putin and Zelensky agreed in Paris to a partial withdrawal of troops and a prisoner exchange. Another meeting in the Normandy format is scheduled to take place in March. Commentators are disappointed with the results of the summit.

The World Anti-Doping Agency Wada has banned Russia from major sporting events for four years for manipulating laboratory data. The events include the Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing and the Fifa World Cup in Qatar. Russian athletes have the option of participating under a neutral flag. What will the ruling achieve?

Chaotic conditions prevail in France's public transport system due to ongoing protests against the planned pension reform. The country's second largest union, the CGT, has called for an extension of the strike, while other unions are waiting for the government's explanations on the reform, announced for Wednesday. Commentators describe a deadlocked situation.

Sanna Marin is to become Finland's new prime minister - the youngest in the country's history at 34 years of age. Marin, who is currently minister of transport and communications, was picked as the candidate for the post by her Social Democrats party and will in all likelihood be elected by the parliament today, Tuesday. Her appointment is making waves, and not just in the Finnish Press.

Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke received the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2018 and 2019 respectively in Stockholm on Saturday. Handke, whom critics accuse of trivialising Serbian war crimes, declined to address the topic at the press conference and lached out at journalists who asked about it. Commentators are appalled - at the laureate, but also at the Nobel Committee.

Ukrainian President Zelensky and his Russian counterpart Putin will meet for the first time in Paris today. Measures aimed at resolving the eastern Ukraine conflict are to be worked out together with Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. Europe's media discuss whether and how there can be a breakthrough to the talks that have stalled until now.

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