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The euro|topics press review keeps you up to date on the debates that are stirring Europe and reflects the diversity of opinions, ideas and moods. Whether the subject is politics, the economy, society or culture, euro|topics takes a daily look at Europe's press and cites the most important voices. Because what we want to know is: What does Europe think?

The euro|topics press review appears from Monday to Friday in German, English, French, Russian and Turkish. You can read the press review online at or subscribe to receive it as an email newsletter or RSS feed. The services euro|topics provides are supported by a network of correspondents that stretches across Europe. They scan more than 500 newspapers, magazines and blogs in 32 countries (the EU, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine) on a daily basis, select the most important commentaries, essays and reflections and then translate selected quotes. Brief introductions inform you of the current state of the debate and one click will bring you to the original article.

With the daily press review euro|topics has been making an important contribution towards establishing a European public sphere since 2005. It aims to convey a realistic overview of national debates and discourse. To this end it quotes from articles in European media that help shape public opinion in the countries in question. The press review promotes trans-European debate and creates new networks for media, cultural and political exchange. A media database supplies background information on around 500 print and online media.

euro|topics is a service provided by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The »journalist network n-ost has been producing the press review for the bpb since May 2008.

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The main focus of the activities of the Federal Agency for Civic Education is to enhance democratic awareness and promote political participation. The bpb takes up current and historical issues and heightens public awareness of them through seminars, events, publications and online services. The broad range of educational activities provided by the bpb is designed to motivate and enable people to take a critical stance on political and social issues and play an active part in political life.
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