Weekly newspaper


Hvg is an opposition weekly paper and used to be called Heti Világgazdaság. Its articles are objective and well researched. It is frequently compared with the prestigious British news magazine The Economist. In 2003, the WAZ media group became the majority owner of the stock corporation that publishes the weekly newspaper. In 2014 it handed over its shares to the minority owners - members of the editorial team and management. In 2019 hvg started a paid website by the name hvg360.hu. Hvg.hu also continues to produce free online content.

Political orientation Centre-left
Circulation 25,086 (2022)
Frequency of publication weekly
Visits 1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Online payment model Content partially fee-based
Location Budapest, Hungary
Publisher Mehrheitseigentümer: WAZ , Verlag: HVG Kiadó Zrt.
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1979
Address 1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 14.
Phone 0036 14 36 20 45
Email hvg@hvg.hu
Twitter @hvg_hu