Hospodárske noviny

Daily newspaper


Despite its small editorial team and circulation, this business daily is one of Slovakia's quality newspapers, but is extremely expensive by Slovak standards. For many years it was the sister paper of the Czech business daily of the same name. In 2014 it passed into the hands of the Agrofert group, which was owned by Czech media mogul and leading politician Andrej Babiš. In the meantime Babiš has transferred ownership of the group to two trust funds.

Political orientation Liberal
Circulation 10,650 (2017)
Frequency of publication several times a week
Visits < 500.000
Online payment model Content partially fee-based
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Publisher Ecopress a.s.
Area of distribution Nationwide
Established 1993
Address Nobelova 34, 831 02 Bratislava 3
Phone 00241 2 482 38 100
Email inzercia@hnonline.sk
Twitter @hnonline